Saturday, November 3, 2007


It's so quiet here tonight, that I did something I haven't done in a long time. Caroline was having a hard time settling down (could've been the whole M&M cookie she consumed at our Music Together Family Fun Night) so I went to the piano and played some of my favorite lullabies from our Music Together songbooks - gorgeous classics like "Shenandoah" and "All the Pretty Horses," which she loves because it mentions horses. I love playing just for the fun of it, but if I try during the day I get "help" from my backup musicians within two minutes, and I appreciate the communal spirit of things, but it does, to quote Bertie Wooster, play merry hell with the rhythm (not to mention the melody). And I don't usually think of playing at night, but Tim and Ian are out at a lock-in at the Tae Kwon Do place.

Can you believe it? He's at a lock-in and he's only seven! Up until 2 days ago, I really didn't seriously consider letting him do it (it's not just me being protective; we were in Houston all day at a wedding, which was partially an excuse to meet up with my dear brothers; besides, I honestly don't know how he'll do on very little sleep; besides, in MY day (cue the crotchety old voice) lock-ins were for teenagers, and they were not attended by me!). But when he heard in class that it involved pizza, popcorn, and a movie, he was SO on board. Not sure how he feels about the origami lessons. :-) And Tim is with him, in case he decides he's not up for the whole shebang and wants to come home before his coach turns into a pumpkin as the clock strikes midnight. But when I talked to Tim on the cellphone a couple hours ago, there were raucous relay races in full swing -- something about a wheelbarrow, I believe -- and it sounded like Ian was helping himself to the community-building, which is good for him. And the teacher promised me that the movie will be G-rated, the video games, brought in by some of the kids, nonviolent, and the sugar minimal. She also treated my questions about said topics with the utmost respect. I like her.

Oh, and I have my dear friend Jessica to thank for helping me think this might be a good idea. A year or so ago she told me she was letting Jacob spend the night at Greenville Gymnastics, and I thought she was pretty cool, and daring, for doing so. Even though I haven't seen her in person in almost two years, I still have my "What Would Jessica Do?" moments!


Tracee said...

Hehe that was cute and funny! I am glad everyone enjoyed the time.

Jenny said...

Sounds perfect!