Monday, March 29, 2010

Housecleaning? Bring it on!

I have a dirty little secret.

I'm going to whisper it, so you'll have to lean in real close.

Lately, I've actually enjoyed cleaning my little house. Why this burst of clinical insanity? Well, I simply follow these four motivational steps, and guess what? YOU CAN TOO.

Step One: Have a cleaning schedule.
    Folks, if it's not on the list, it doesn't happen. Wait; correction: If it's on the List, but I don't look at the List, it doesn't happen. The List is key. The List makes my cleaning world go 'round. The List keeps my workload nicely parceled out across the week. The List costs me only $8.00 per year, and believe me, I consider that a bargain, considering that my sanity is worth waaaaaaay more than $8.00. Three Cheers for the List! I get mine from Motivated Moms here.

Step Two: Use cleaning products that make you happy. Not sneezy. I personally use Basic-H from Shaklee, which is so economical it's almost frightening, since one bottle of the stuff lasts me at least two years. In a reusable, environmentally-friendly spray bottle, I mix my warm water, my tiny bit of cleaning concentrate, and whatever essential oils I deem necessary to the psychological health of my family.

Step Three (my favorite): Load up your MP3 player or personal listening device with something fun. This could be something spiritually enlightening or, as is more often the case with me at cleaning time, something quite humorous. I DARE YOU to scrub your toilets while listening to Wait Wait Don't Tell Me and not enjoy yourself immensely.

Step Four: Accept imperfection. Resolve to do your best within the time you have allotted and let that be good enough. If you're struggling with this concept, read Mrs. Potter's Pig to your little ones for a sense of perspective. The goal is sanitary and comfortable, not museum-ready.

Remember, we're not just housekeeping -- we're keeping a Home.


Tamara said...

Awesome--I'm inspired!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love this post. It reminds the OCD part of me that a few droplets on the bathroom mirror mean that I have a wonderfully full family, (who wash their hands!) and the leaves on the foyer floor mean that my kids had a great time playing outside today! Thanks for the reminder. It spoke to me today! = )

Jenny said...

Great post. I need some of that energy!

Vanessa said...

No way! You paid $8 for a chore list?????? Well, anything that works. . .cheers to you! Did you buy the one with the Bible reading schedule?