Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Are You Busy?

Friends, I've been reading a wonderful book that has me by the heartstrings.

I don't often post about spiritual reading on this blog, mostly because my small audience is pretty diverse. Some folks aren't interested in Christian ministry, not even a smidge. Other folks only like books of a certain flavor -- understood. But still, this is my blog and I need to be true to what's speaking to and through me now.

Having A Mary Heart in a Martha WorldRight after Caroline's accident, a kind and generous friend from our homeschool co-op gave me a bag of books. I finally started reading Having A Mary Heart in a Martha World and realized that the author, Joanna Weaver, understands where I live. Where many of us live. Are you busy? Anxious? Crowded with responsibilities? Easily distracted? Rushed or perfunctory in your time with God?

The title alludes to the famous sisters from Bethany Jesus befriended during His time on earth. One was a do-er, laden with responsibility. (Aren't we all?) She was rockin' that to-do list. One was able to somehow lay those burdens aside and sit at His feet to listen and just BE with Him.

Here are the two things that have touched me the most from my recent reading, both presented using very apt word pictures:

1. When we go beyond what He asks of us and accept burdens that He has not laid upon us, we end up stressed, overloaded and resentful, working FOR Him but not in oneness with Him. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light.

2. Life presents us with many dishes that are like empty calories, superficially filling our needs when what we're really craving is time with Him. "If you're having a little trouble feeling close to God -- or even wanting to draw close -- you might want to consider what activities you are using to fill the empty places of your life. What's taking the edge off your hunger for Him?"

Personally, I know that often during the day, at home with the children, I'm tempted to dash into the other room to check my email or Facebook. Why? Probably for a sense of connection with other people over five feet tall. But lately as I try to curb that habit and just focus on being present with the kids and whatever I'm doing, I've been asking HIM to fill that need for connection.

Something to muse over, no?


cjoy said...

I think I've heard of this book. It sounds good! I like what you've shared...and the email/fb thing is so familiar.

Julie said...

Thank you for sharing this, I love your thoughts on this...so true..

Margo said...

Hmm, I may have to get this book. Thanks for posting Hannah :)