Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Best Little Chore Chart in Texas

{All right -- on our street, perhaps.}

Do you like?

It took me months -- YEARS -- to make a reliable chore system, but when I did, I couldn't resist some aesthetic flair.

Here's how it works. We  have a bunch of cards, each with a daily chore written on it. I also have some chores that only need to be done twice a week (changing the hand towels, e.g.) that have a double border on them, and some once-a-weekers that have a single border on them. Like helping Mom clean out the van or dusting the living room. It works out to about 10-12 chores per day.

After breakfast, we divvy up the duties. The kids rotate through first, second, and third choice -- Monday Caroline gets first pick, Tuesday Eliza gets it, etc. Guess who always gets last pick? (Can you even call it a "pick" if that person, who happens to be the tallest and theoretically most mature, just gets whatever's left? The orphan chores, so to speak?)

Everyone picks three. When you're done with the chore, you take the card out of your pocket and stick it in the "Done" pocket.

If you feel uninspired, Helpful Mom has thoughtfully put motivational words on the chore chart to fire you up about contributing cheerfully to the family. It works every time!

Uh-huh. Yeah. That's exactly how it is.

 At least it's kind of pretty!


Tamara said...

I love it! The idea of chore cards, and the pretty board, complete with inspiration and a bright gold D! (that must stand for Diligent Dillers, right :)

Your second quote reminds me of something Colley Joseph put up on a board in Oklahoma City--"A job 99% done is a job unfinished"

KTG said...

I like! (Your hand towels get changed twice a week, that's impressive.)

JoAnn said...

Hey, where were you when I was raising my kids?

Unknown said...

I LOVE it! It's absolutely the perfect solution for our outdated chore chart - can chore charts actually be outdated? I guess when the entire family pretends it doesn't exist it does. Anyway, I like how the kiddos choose thier jobs - good idea!