Saturday, December 29, 2007

Random Acts of Cuteness

We spent a good chunk of today painting the room that's going to be the girls' bedroom. Two reasons: It really is time for Caroline to move out of the playpen in our bedroom and into a queen-size bed she can share with her sister. And, we're going to be hosting a child from Korea for two months, starting this Thursday, and he'll be sharing the room with Ian that Ian currently shares with Eliza.

I have my doubts about this sleeping arrangement, though, because last night Eliza wanted to sleep in her "new room" although it was far from finished, and guess who ended up crawling in with her and cuddling up on the (twin-size) mattress for the night? None other than her big brother, who, being human, clearly prefers not to sleep alone!

But anyway, maybe all the paint fumes are going to Caroline's head, because she was especially loopy today. Here are a couple of the more charming manifestations:

First, she discovered the Johnny Jump-Up I had out to give to a friend with an infant. Being the petite thang that she is, she falls under the 25 lb weight limit, even at age 2, so before long we had it hooked up and she was jumping like a maniac. Suddenly, I get the summons: "Mommy! I show you something really, really cool!" (Her really, really cool something was a round of vigorous bouncing accompanied by lusty singing. Now that's what I call truth in advertising!)

Then, while nursing before bed, she randomly pops off to inquire, "Mommy, do you like parking meters?"
Answer: snicker, snicker, not really, honey.

After stories and night-nights, she's down on her blanket on the floor, ready for sleep -- almost. First, she has to find a pencil and a scrap of paper and do some very earnest scribbling "my writing" for a few minutes. When she's done, what does she do? She tucks the pencil behind her ear, brings my attention to that fact, and lays her head down for sleep. She is, as I write, passed on on her blanket, paper inches from nose, pencil firmly behind ear.

Just in case, you know, inspiration should strike during the night.


Jenny said...

Parking meters? ROFL!

Now I'm really curious to know more about your new Korean houseguest!

Tracee said...

How cute! Me too on the curious about the houseguest!