Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Santa Agnostic

Oh for a tape recorder I could plant in the next room ...

Oscar, my kids' friend from next door: Do you guys think Santa Claus is real?
Kids: (Some unintelligible answer I couldn't make out from around the corner)
Oscar: But think about it! How could an ADULT fly across the sky like that? And how could ONE GUY deliver all that stuff in one night?
Pause, while everyone absorbs this information.
Oscar: So we don't have proof that he does exist, but we don't have proof that he DOESN'T exist. But I have an idea to prove whether he exists!
Kids: What?
Oscar: He likes cookies and milk, right?
Kids: Yeah?
Oscar: So, we put out a plate with three cookies on it, and a full glass of milk. In the morning, we check and see -- if there are less than three cookies, and if any sips are gone from the glass, that will PROVE that he exists!
Kids, clearly wowed by this irrefutable logic: Yeah!

(P.S. As I was posting this, Caroline wandered up, streaming nose and all, pointed at the picture of me, and chirped, "There's Hannah!" I didn't even know she knew my first name!)


Tracee said...

Hehe, really cute about "there' hannah!" :) Pretty good logic on Oscar's part. I guess your kids really look up to him. We have Jake and Logan. Jake is 9-1/2, Logan is 12. If J or L say anything, that is my kids truth no matter what.

Jenny said...


Naomi said...

Ok, the Santa thing was just hysterical!! Too funny! The first part of what he says sounds so grown-up - we have no proof. But then his test - too funny! I love it!