Sunday, September 7, 2008

Boy, Crazy

This is how you know you're raising a real, live eight-year-old boy.

Morning: Earnestly and un-self-consciously shares with his Sunday School class about a very genuine experience he had of God calling him (they're studying God's Calling in the Old Testament). I think it's OK to share, in general terms, that he felt God calling him to complete a task that he had left halfway done.

This proves beyond all shadow of a doubt that THERE IS A GOD.

Afternoon: Practices diving in our empty-nester friend Dori's backyard pool. "Diving" involves some highly creative, let's-embrace-the-water-like-a-long-lost-friend belly flops. Beams with pride at his own accomplishments, and mercilessly badgers cajoles his mother into diving with him. Since she strives every day to fend off middle aged stodginess, she eventually yields.

Night: Plays Weapons and Warriors with father, convincing mother again to join in. Tiny plastic cannonballs zip and zoom all over the room as we assault one another's forces. The boy offers mature commentary in his inimitable style ("I'm sure glad I anticipated how good Daddy would be at this!"). But lest we be deceived, after the game, as one parent -- who is not I -- engages in some accidental celebratory flatulence, the boy lets out a whoop of exultation: "THE WINNER TOOTED!!!"

(Dh posted a nice review of the day, and his own rise to new heights of maturity, over here.)


Naomi said...

Hahaha! That last part was hysterical. :-D

Julie said...

So funny! I also read the post you linked at the bottom, although my DH is good about shopping, very patiently waits, bringing his phone along and reads the news, and halfway looks where he's going as he follows me around the store..or if Alec is along.. sits with him in an already set up outdoor set at Costco, or they look at books and toys:) But, He has decided that he absolutely refuses to enter into the world of Ikea again...that the prices are just not worth the utter chaos and the crowds... I (the bargain shopper) will have to find a another willing participant in my bargain hunting there from now

Jennifer said...

Evan has Weapons and Warriors, too! Luckily, the boys haven't discovered it yet. Hee.