Thursday, November 27, 2008

On vacation

I have not been writing this week, because there's too much mischief being made here with my siblings and their significant others here at my parents' house. O the goings-on. Right now it is almost midnight and I am missing a fierce game of Speed Scrabble downstairs, but I already played about ten rounds and I need to get up during the night to help my dad, so with heaps of self-discipline, I am turning in. Details to follow about our trip, and some cute pictures from Thanksgiving, but I am honor-bound to clear my siblings' names in this public forum and let it be known that they have cheerfully played Apples to Apples with me three times now.

Other entertaining activities done late at night: removing and polishing the brass cabinet door handles to surprise my mom. Somehow, chores that seem onerous in one's own home miraculously become recreational when in the company of people who can make you laugh like nothing and no one on this earth. Now I just need to think of a way to get them all over to my house with a can of Bon Ami and some old toothbrushes. Oh, and one brother was making a huge batch of chocolate chip cookies at the time, so we could arrange for that too.

I love my family.


Tracee said...

oh hannah that is so sweet!

Margo said...

Hannah, so glad to hear you are having a fabulous time with your family!

babybumblebee said...

Hannah, I just caught up on your last couple weeks of blogging and for a few moments I felt right back at home. The intro to the "dark stormy night" post made me laugh to the point of tears. Probably because it touched home. ;) I'm flying in early on the 2nd, as in Tuesday, for a week because my mom sold her house. Will you be back? Please say hi to your family for me, especially your wonderful mommy. -Grace

Julie said...

Sounds like fun!