Tuesday, November 4, 2008


Somehow in our crazy Tuesday we will make it to the polls today. On the homeschooling docket today: civics! My kids are lobbying for Barack Obama. Why? Mostly because apparently there is a Bionicle called Baraki. Or something like that. Also, they like his voice better. Heh. This is why there is a voting age in this country.

I'm going to pray my way all the way there, bring stuff for the kids to entertain themselves in line, do my business, and then maybe head to Starbucks for my free cup. Yup, free coffee at Starbucks if you vote today.

(We were driving somewhere unfamiliar the other day and pulled up at a spotlight where, about 50 yards away, a new Starbucks had been constructed. "Looks like they put in a new coffee shop," my almost-three year old observed. What's up with that?????? We don't even go to Starbucks very often!)


Margo said...

Some Starbucks-ers are called at young age. I was one of them, too. :)

Tracee said...

hehe, cute! i love your kids' point of view on who to vote for. ;) Philip asked why he couldn't vote. I explained that he didn't have all the information. He said, "well i'll just do what you tell me." HA! Another one of those THAT is why we can't vote till we're 18 moments!

Vanessa said...

B can spot a Starbucks a mile away. He says, "Mama, coffee, Ben chocolate milk!" I get the latte, he gets the box of chocolate milk.

Glad you voted :)