Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Okay, trying not to freak about this, but ...
This site lets you plug in your address and find out the names, addresses, even pictures of any and all registered sex offenders in your area. And that's just the registered ones. Fortunately, my immediate neighborhood, like a one-mile radius from our house, only has three or four (it's sad that I have to say "only") but once you get beyond our quiet little quadrant of the map, yikes!
There is so much to think about as a modern parent, which I guess really means, so much to pray about.


Tracee said...

I think that has always been something to think/pray about, but people were just too trusting and naive to realize it. There are about 6 registered offenders in our vicinity. We checked our new neighborhood also and there are 3 there. It is quite scary. I don't think it's increased, just that we are more aware of it.

Hannah said...

Yes, I agree, there have always been those, and we're much aware of it than previous generations were, for sure. At the same time I would respectfully submit that with the proliferation of easy-to-come-by, hard-core porn on the Internet, the numbers of users (some of whom initially just stumble upon it) have probably increased -- and even if only a small percentage of those actually act on their perversions, that's still way too many perverts running around out there!