Thursday, January 31, 2008

Take your mom to work

Last night I got to accompany Eliza to her AWANA meeting, since the neighbors who usually take her were sick. I'd actually wanted to go for a little while, but I'm usually on my way home from work as she's on her way there. I've been curious, because she's always on cloud nine when she gets home ("How was it, Eliza?" "It was GRAND!"). Honestly, I think part of it is the opportunity to go and do something on her own, with a carload of girlfriends. But being there last night with her was neat, because it felt sort of like Take Your Daughter to Work Day, except that she was the veteran and I was the newbie. She showed me where to go, etc., and it was like I got a glimpse of a little world she's been part of, but I haven't -- which is rare! As the evening progressed she surprised me a bit by acting quite comfortable and even speaking up to participate (she's usually VERY shy in a group). I realized that for her, it's not about entertainment value or a big show (which it wasn't) ... but rather, that atmosphere was just her size -- small groups (5-6 kids), encouraging (but not over-the-top exuberant) adults. Oh, and there were goldfish and animal crackers. And, she clearly felt good about her Bible memory verse accomplishment -- it's like, finally, it's not Ian but I, ELIZA, the MIDDLE CHILD, who am showing my stuff and getting the kudos! (Can you tell I stress about this issue?)

Anyway, I felt blessed, like I'd been given a divine gift -- an opportunity to enter my daughter's world and share what's important to HER. It reminded me that the Lord has His ways of taking care of my children and meeting their needs, and it's not always dependent on me. Plus, it was a one-on-one -- well, the car ride, anyway -- and you know how I feel about that!