Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My favorite holiday

Today we're making this*:

Directions here. Adapted for the four gluten-avoidant folks who will be present at tomorrow's feast.

And this.

Directions (and a much cooler version) here. Ours will go on the mantel out in Elgin tomorrow.

And this.

Directions (and again, a lovelier version) here.

Oh, and putting new spark plugs in the van. Good times, good times.

Since we'll probably be busy with cooking, reading our Thanksgiving picture books, riding bikes, and general gluttony tomorrow, I just wanted to note how thankful I am for ALL of you who read this crazy little blog, especially those of you who take a moment to encourage me by leaving a comment (but if you don't, sniff sniff, I'm still thankful for you) -- it means a whole lot to me. May your Thanksgiving time be filled with wonderful tastes and smells, family and friends who make you feel loved, memories to cherish, and a sense of overflowing gratitude.

And not too much football. But that's just me.


*Photo courtesy of Simply Recipes.


cjoy said...

I'm glad your pretty crafts succeeded...I failed to follow through and we have cut out leaves all over the kitchen (floor, usually) and didn't even start letters I dreamed of. And I didn't even look to see the "prettier" pictures because yours were perfectly lovely.

I am thankful to be back in touch with you! Happy Thanksgiving, Hannah!

KatyG said...

Hi H,
Found your blog recommended through FB.Sorry I'm just subscribing now.You're in my Favorites next to "Chasing Cheerios" and "Disposable Ardvarks" which I read for encouragement as a fellow mom who had my baby at home. I wanted to tell you in person,missed my chance.
I am thankful for your writing which makes me feel less isolated to run the race, with a toddler and one on the way. Kathryn- KTG in Mass
(Oh I hope you know who this is)

Julie said...

Everything looks wonderful! Thanks for posting such great crafts, thanksgiving is my favorite holiday too..Happy Thanksgiving!

Raji P. said...

Beautiful! Thanks for the great crafty websites. As if I need more places to while away my time in :)