Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Well, I think it's now official

Yes. Fall has arrived.

Someone wondered about The Aspiring Professor's sweater. This beloved item of clothing was gifted to him by his mother, courtesy of Land's End, during our first year of marriage, exactly twelve years ago.

It has appeared every fall since then, the nanosecond the thermometer indicates sweater-worthy weather. It is to him what my post-shower space heater is to me.

We have moved three times and lived in four homes. We have done graduate school, twice. We have produced three children. We have lost two grandmothers. We have seen my family dynamics shift dramatically. We have lived in two apartments, then a large house, then a small house, and in three climate zones. We've gone from one car to two cars to a minivan and a car to a minivan and a bike.

Three things have not changed.

Our Father's love for us.

Our affection for each other.

The annual emergence of The Sweater.

Have any constants you care to share?


Raji P. said...

LE has a contest in Facebook now about how you love your winterwear, or what you do in your LE outerwear or something like that... you would win!

Vanessa said...

*heart* this post.