Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Crococún Zoo

Remember that trip we took to Mexico, oh, a month ago? I guess some posts need to percolate a little while. Either that or they keep getting bumped by more urgent matters like whoopee cushions or braided T-shirt rugs.

Crococún Zoo is possibly the most underrated attraction in the greater Cancún area. (Remember, we were NOT in Cancún. From what I saw of it at and around the airport, I feel like it's important to mention that.) When we spoke with other families at our resort about it, none of them had even heard about it. Apparently, they weren't obsessively reading
TripAdvisor reviews before their vacation. Probably doing more important things, like making sure their kids had swimsuits and goggles that actually fit them.

Crococún is not really a zoo in the traditional sense of the word. Its population is limited to animals native to Mexico, which actually enhanced its appeal in our eyes. Do we really want to travel all the way to Mexico and see an elephant pacing an enclosure? Class? Do we?

(Answer: Not so much.)

When you arrive, either taking two public buses from your resort and asking for directions in your high school Spanish, or using an air-conditioned taxi like the saner tourists reportedly do, you're greeted by a guide who will be your friend and talk you out of a heart attack for the next hour and fifteen minutes. You'll see what I mean.

This picture was taken approximately five minutes after our arrival. Aw, look. They're feeding the parrot (macaw?). Isn't that so fun, so educational, so memorable?

You may have noticed the "Croco" part of the name "Crococún." Mmhm. My kids did too. And this, my friends, is what THEY were all about.

It's a good thing you can't really see my face in this photo, because at this point, I'm pretty much at Code Orange. Especially because seconds after this photo, I witnessed my oldest child handing one of these directly to my middle child without the assistance of our guide. Oh, believe me, Mommy was using her Outside Voice at that point.

Some families sing folk songs in five-part harmony for kicks. We hold baby crocodiles.

And now I'm definitely at Code Vermilion. My baby!

Um, Code Red. Which of the little darlings do you think he'll consume first?

While we'd completely taken leave of our sense, our guide led us through a large enclosed area containing about forty of these guys. Don't worry, the arm I lost was not the one I use for taking photos and typing.

Now THIS is more like it. The cute little spider monkey wants a bit of banana!

And, now that my palpitations have subsided, I can even enjoy feeding the white-tailed deer alongside my children.

Ever seen one of these? It's called a coatimundi. Here he's in an enclosure, but there was actually a [completely harmless] one running wild at our resort.

Come to think of it, there were a few other creatures running wild at our resort. But we don't need to talk about that.

We will now return to our regularly scheduled programming, entitled "All Creatures Tame and Sedate."

P.S. I forgot to mention in my earlier Mexico posts that should you ever find yourself in need of a travel agent who will work very hard and wave magic wands for you, regardless of your budget, do yourself a favor and contact Bonnie at All-N-Clusive Travel. I get absolutely no kickback for telling you that she's wonderful, just the satisfaction of endorsing a friend and getting YOU the R&R you doubtless deserve.


Stephanie said...

Wow. Do you ever get tired of being complimented? I hope not, because this is really wonderful, so enjoyable - you brought a smile to my face. Not an easy feat today.

Love the pictures!

Samuel said...

Looks like great fun! Glad no one lost a finger/toe/appendage! Can't wait to go there ourselves someday!

Tim said...

I never quite got used to the Spanish spelling of "cocodrillo". I always felt like they were putting the R in the wrong place. At least the tourist-leaning CrocoCun got it right. What a great place! The crocs were all over-fed, so in spite of DW's palpitations and color-coding, we were in no danger at all. It's been weeks since they lost their last visitor to a croc bite. ;-)

Z-Kids said...

That picture with the snake is classic! Code vermilion indeed!

Sandra Stiles said...

I loved the pics of the crocodiles. I live in Florida and my husband and I visit the Everglade quite often. One of my favorite things to do is hold the alligators. Thank you for taking us for a visual trip of your vacation.