Monday, June 7, 2010

Lily and Thistle

Recently I discovered the most deeee-lightful purveyor of hand-drawn paper dolls and accompanying wardrobes. If you have a daughter (or hey, if you have a son; let's not discriminate) you must get your charm-loving self over to Lily and Thistle post-haste.

 Photo by Lily & Thistle

Not only will the artist, tastefully named Hannah, draw a custom creation for the child in your life, but also she offers both paper and downloadable versions of her dolls and outfits. Plus a few freebies on her blog.

Including, perfect for the reading family, this line of girls-in-literature outfits. I know a couple girls around here who'd love to dress their paper doppelgangers like Lucy Pevensie from Narnia!

Since I don't trust my printer (we have issues), I ordered the paper version of a doll package, and you will not believe how fast it arrived in my mailbox. No fancy express shipping, either. I strongly suspect Hannah had it delivered by elves.

And the packaging was gorgeous, too.

Good thing a certain someone has a birthday this week.

And by "a certain someone," I do refer to the dainty creature who looked like this when I last checked:

Just giving you the straight facts. Or would that be the straight dirt?

P.S. As always, this is not a paid advertisement. I have no relationship with Lily and Thistle other than as a very satisfied customer. 


Stephanie said...

How in the world did you find time to blog in a week like this? You are my blogging hero.

And your little dainty creature is uber-lovely, mud and all.

cjoy said...

You do know you need to save that amazing bit of 'dirt on your daughter' for a slideshow on her wedding day, right? I mean, everything about that picture is perfect and priceless. :D

And as for the paper dolls - wow! How absolutely amazing. I must check those out. Though I fear what would happen if Baby J got ahold of them. Sigh...

Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

Thanks for your unpaid endorsement :)!

And your little dainty creature is just beautiful both in doll and muddy form.

Hope she has a happy birthday!

Amy Tague said...

Everything about this post is completely adorable.