Friday, June 11, 2010

We Made It

It’s been a quiet week in Lake Wobegon …


Not even close. The only thing that’s been relatively quiet has been this blog, because when you’re falling asleep at 7:30 p.m., then bolting to your feet at 8:15 p.m., terrified that you’ve slept through a vital responsibility, the following truth applies: you do not really have the capacity to write anything anyone would want to read.

Things I have not been doing this week:
-Repainting my toenails (it shows)
-Reading for fun
-Reading aloud
-Responding promptly to emails, voice mails, etc.
-Noticing whether there are clouds in the sky
-Cleaning my floors/bathrooms/insert-household-surface-here

Things I have been doing instead:
 -Hosting two homesick nieces on their longest stay away from home
-Cleaning up a night’s worth of vomit (see above)
-Keeping five kids busy enough that two of them will be too distracted to think about being away from home
-Dealing with an especially hyperactive child (my own)
-Having pleasant discussions about using our kind words to treat each other with respect
-Feeling highly ineffective (see above)
-Co-teaching a class of sweet, precious seven year olds girls for a week of Bible Camp
-Feeling highly effective (see above)
-Confiding in a couple friends about a situation that’s been eating at me for weeks and getting exactly the right spiritual and emotional supply
-Being bullied by one of those friends, who’s one of the few with ground to do so, into calling my doctor and getting my thyroid prescription refilled (She actually Googled my dr., wrote down the number, and made me promise to call within the hour, because she likes to make sure I’m taking care of myself. Note to self: Pay that forward.)
-Reading picture books at night to a bed full of kids and snuggling them off to a peaceful sleep
-Having a husband on bedrest and IV antibiotics all week thanks to an infected lymph node
-Celebrating a certain someone’s birthday (that merits its own forthcoming post)
-Reminding the Lord every morning that apart from Him I can do nothing. 

OK, still not sure I’ve written anything anyone would want to read, but at least the agony and the ecstasy is now preserved for posterity. Good thing I’ll get to sleep in in the morning and just take it easy all weekend.

HA again!


cjoy said...

Well, I enjoyed reading it. Friends of the caliber you described are beyond priceless. Getting that much love in a week is priceless, and giving that much love in a week is also priceless. It sounds like you had a priceless week. Good for you. Thanks for sharing it....and feel better Professor!

Stephanie said...

Hannah, even after a week like this, yes, have written something charming and touching that we do want to read.

And thank you. For sharing your heart and your home and your time and your family for the sake of these precious children. And for serving even though you had so many very legitimate reasons not to.

Jenny said...

Hope things are looking up now. Sounds like quite a week!

JoAnn said...

Hannah, as I've said before, you are a very good memory-maker. I am sure that everyone benefitted from all of your efforts, and I hope you can believe me when I say that even though this time in your life seems like it is too much of many things, it will someday, all too soon, pass away. So you can congratulate yourself that you are making the most of each day for greater profit. In the midst of it all, the Lord is adding Himself to you daily, and that is also priceless.
Much love to you!

Molly said...

my goodness1 you deserve a medal after a week like that - or maybe just a pedicure? haha. welcome summer. bring it on. i'm going to go and appreciate the few hours of quiet my absent children have given me this morning.

Julie said...

A wonderful, funny, uplifting, encouraging, real life kinda, I'm glad I'm not the only kid who threw up at someone else's house when my parents were away...(did I type that out loud?) I can't believe you did all that! I'll pray for a speedy recovery for your DH!