Monday, June 14, 2010

The Magic of Seven

"When you ask me how old I am tomorrow when I wake up, I will say, "SEVEN," my beautiful girl announced the night before, slipping into a clean pink nightgown.

"Gueth what?" the normally shy girl who's missing her front teeth asked the clerk at the checkout counter. "My birthday is in two days and I'm going to be SEVEN." Or THEVEN.

I can't help but love that about her. She was fine with her presents, but has never been a squealer. She cheerfully accepted the fact that it's not her year for a party (we alternate birthday parties with special outings with a friend, and this is her Special Outing year). She wanted to frost her own cake with her cousins, and the results looked loving, but not professional (she is her mother's daughter). But above all, the point was that she had now crossed the threshold into a brand new year, full of newfound maturity and promise.

At what point, between ages seven and thirty three, will that feeling pass?

In the meantime, she can stand as tall as she wants to.

P.S. In the photo, Eliza and her doll are wearing their birthday outfits, handmade for them by Shelli of Butterfly Egg Designs (we know how I am about sewing clothes; thank goodness there are gifted people out there). Shelli did a rush order for me at no extra charge and did a bang-up job. Hooray for Shelli!  Hooray for supporting work-at-home moms!

P.P.S. You can find another story about my girl's birthday rite of passage here.


Stephanie said...

She is so precious!! I was treated to an announcement from her as she was leaving camp that day. It may have been prefaced by a "Gueth what?" but I don't remember. I do remember her beaming face and proud proclamation, "Today is my birthday. I'm seven." I felt it a special privilege that she shared the good news with me. That she also shared the news with the checkout clerk (and I can only assume many others) does not make me feel any less special. Your kids are a joy.

cjoy said...

Eliza is totally your mini-me! What a happy day she obviously had. :)

Bear Creek Mama said...

Caleb is 7 tomorrow and equally as deeee-lighted!