Saturday, July 10, 2010

Maybe It Does Take a Village

Yesterday after a swim date with some wonderful friends on the other side of town, we braved the Friday afternoon traffic and crawled back toward our side of the river, aiming for the dojang where Eliza was testing for orange belt in taekwondo. Oh! This much-anticipated test was the subject of not inconsiderable anxiety. Especially when she realized that, having worn her swim suit when leaving the house, she had no undies to wear under her uniform for the test.

The following conversation took place between my friend Nicole (mother of Eliza's BFF, resident of a house closer to the dojang than my own, and contender for Most Easygoing Friend on the Planet) and me via text. Go ahead and crucify me for texting at red lights. I needed this one to be under the radar in case it didn't work out.

Me:  Emergency! Could we borrow a clean pair of underwear? Eliza has a belt test at three thirty and traffic is not conducive to us going home first. She's upset.

Nicole: Sure!

Me [Feeling super abashed]: Terrific. How possible is it for u to meet us there by three thirty this traffic is terrible

[Wow. Awesome grammar.]

Nicole [Three minutes later, with three kids in car]: On my way.

Girlfriend literally pulls up to the dojang, thrusts the tidy whities out the window to me, laughs, and takes off, while I rush them over to a tearful girl.

An hour and a half later, we have a beaming, brimming-with-confidence orange belt in our midst.

Coincidence? I think not.

I also think that Nicole deserves some sort of medal ... or maybe a delicious strawberry shortcake cake delivered to her front door. What do you think?


cjoy said...

I think a strawberry shortcake AND a medal - or perhaps an orange belt of her own! haha! That's what wonderful people are made of, no doubt about it. :)

Julie said...

wWhat a wonderful super hero (super heroine) friend!:)

Vanessa said...

she is an awesome friend! Definitely make her some strawberry shortcake!

Way to go Eliza!

Molly said...

everyone needs a friend like that!

Bear Creek Mama said...

I LOVE the image of the whities flying out the window! I NEED a friend that that!

Tracee said...

i think it's just nifty that you a) are able to ask for help when you need it, & b) care enough for your children's comfort to do whatever you can for them, & c) have friends like that. i have some here too, & aren't they just what make the world a brighter, better, more cozy spot to be?? <3