Monday, July 12, 2010

Thank you, Number 29

This animal here goes by the name of #29. 
Or should I say, WENT by the name of #29. 

#29 is now wrapped up in 1-pound packages in our freezer. Also, in my sister's freezer, my mother-in-law's freezer, and our friend Quinn's freezer. (It was Quinn's idea to ask our lovely rancher for a photo before our steer was, um, processed.) 

So you know how we were inspired by Michael Pollan and The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Mealsto start owning chickens a few years ago, so that we'd know where that tiny fraction of our food (the EGGS; we don't "process" our chickens) was coming from? 

This is the same deal. A few years ago we bought an entire grass-fed bison with a few friends. A couple times since then, we've done beef. It's partly an ideological notion -- building a relationship with a particular rancher, supporting a local farm, knowing the meat on our table came to us thanks to one happy, healthy cow, reducing our pesticide and carbon load a bit, yadda yadda. It's also a way to eat organic, grass-fed beef with less of a whomp to the wallet -- New York strip steaks cost the same per pound as ground beef. 

(An aside: Don't think that if I come to your house -- should I be so fortunate -- I'll turn up my nose at your grain-fed, factory-raised beef. Food is about nourishment and communion around a table -- not about snobbery and judgments.)

We also got the organ meats. Am I brave enough to try and cook up the heart and liver? I know they pack a huge nutritional punch, but I'm just not sure I have the courage. Help me, Obi-Wan. You're my only hope. 

By the way, today I made reservations for the night we're going to spend at Great Sand Dunes National Park during our upcoming road trip to Colorado. A mom at swimming lessons this morning told me that was her favorite stop on their three-week trip. We'll stay at a lodge right outside the park, where we can see the sun rise and set over the dunes. 

Okay, that had absolutely nothing to do with beef. Or happy cows. Or #29. Just a bubble of excitement that had to work its way out. 


Raji P. said...

Colorado! What fun - can't wait for the trip report. My friend who just moved here from Colorado thinks that when applying for a Texas DL they should put in fine print how it is mandatory for everyone in Austin to drive to Colorado every summer. :) Seems all my friends are going there!

Tamara said...

Your new banner is awesome, stunning, and breath-taking! Wow!

Vanessa said...

Now that is one fine animal, I mean, WAS one fine animal. Enjoy the meat!

Vanessa said...

oh and I love your banner. . .adorable really.

Galex said...

Missing y'all. The new banner is very pretty! And FWIW, here's my favorite way to eat liver:

Be sure it's been frozen for at least 14 days. Remove from freezer. With a cheese grater, grate off a little. (You could start in the teaspoon to tablespoon range. I'm up to about 1/4 cup.)

Pour in some spicy V8 and enjoy! Feel the radiant glowing health.