Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Weekend To-Do List

1. Welcome home husband after five looooooong days away.

2. Go to film festival at Apple Store, culmination of 2-day workshop in which Ian learned to use iMovie (and subsequently turned our home into the neighborhood production studio). Cringe upon seeing his 45-second film appear on the big screen, using as a backdrop the messiest, ugliest room in our house. Retreat to lick wounds by playing with iPad on display.

3. While boys attend archery tournament, begin packing for road trip to Colorado. Check weather. Dither incessantly about how to dress for temperatures in the '60's. Be completely incapable of using  imagination to translate this alien forecast into appropriate clothing.

4. Worry about what to wear to meet grandparents in ultra-chic Aspen, since they won't approve of anything too bourgeois. Consult the wisdom of Facebook friends. Regain perspective about source of personal security. Mostly.

5. Break up approximately 61 fights between daughters, who are supposed to be helping to pack. Remind self between gritted teeth, "They ... really ... do ... love each other." Decide that at least they're comfortable expressing feelings.

6. Wish for a little less expressing of feelings.

7. Express own feelings by clutching head and wondering just how many sinus headaches it takes to change a lightbulb.

8. Splurge on pedicure at Embellish (oh so girly!) as reward to self for making it through five loooooong days of single parenting.

9. At Embellish, choose nail polish color based on its name: "Kennebunkport." Decide that connection between that beloved town and scarlet toes is tenuous at best, but go with it anyway.

10. Pick up snacks for trip. Pick up next Flavia de Luce mystery on hold at library.

11. Apologize to the Lord for not spending much time with Him this morning. Remember that it's still morning somewhere in the world and there is therefore no time like the present.

12. Before and after making dinner, pander to type-A side by cleaning house so as to come home to ... a clean house.

Wow wow wow. So productive. Every item on list checked off. And what a list it is!

But wait! There's more!

13. Wake up in morning, spring out of bed, pack last items into van, glide smoothly and promptly out door with family in tow.

Hey, you can't win every time.


cjoy said...

Hmm....too many things to comment on. I'll just say the most important one:
I choose nail polish by it's name, too. Such a delightful thing to do. ;D

Raji P. said...

Love #12 - gotta come home to a clean house. But quiz: how type-A are you? did you do laundry so every last piece of clothing possible is washed before you left?!!

KTG said...

Enjoy beautiful Colorado. I think linen blouses would be appropriate.(That's what I would wear this time of year around my Manhattan grandma, who used to care about these things)

Stephanie said...

61 fights, huh? I can't tell you how much it warms a parent's heart to hear tales of other people's (normal, wonderful, loving) kids bickering.

And I too dream of coming home to a clean house. Haven't yet been able to make that one a reality, but I won't give up the fight.