Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Are We Insane?

Before I show you the following pictures, a brief disclaimer: The answer to the question, "Are We Insane?" is, beyond the shadow of a doubt, "It's entirely possible. Probable, even."

Behold the very messy birthday party of a certain ten-year-old boy! The theme was "All Out War."

1. Assembling and decorating water-zookas.

2. Using water-zookas to shoot down a fleet of paper airplanes.

3. Team water-balloon transporting -- no hands allowed! Successful teams get to throw cream pies in The Professor's face!

4. Water-balloon toss

5. Thirty seconds to eat as many M&M's out of a plate of whipped cream as you can with your hands behind your back

6. All-out war, using water-zookas, shaving cream, silly string, and water balloons. Let the record show that yours truly joined in the fun.

7. Dirt cake. Utensils optional.

How did we possibly make this ten-year-old dream come true without losing our ever-lovin' minds? Come closer and I will whisper to you our secrets.

1. This was a drop-off party. Our property does not have enough space for fourteen kids going bananas and fourteen sets of parents trying to make small talk and stay dry and cool. Only two parents stayed, and they helped out.

2. The Professor was in charge of planning and executing the activities. He did so in concert with two single guys from our home meeting, David and Jesse. Another friend, Steve, grilled all the hotdogs. We are currently writing David, Jesse and Steve into our will. Up to half our kingdom, guys.

3. I made really simple, eat-with-your hands kind of food.

And when the party was over, two of Ian's buddies spent the night and they hardly slept at all because they all felt the need to wake up at four a.m. to continue playing his new Wii Games but that is just something you do when you're a kid and so we didn't hassle them about it and we weren't even too late to our church meeting the next day even though the kids were like zombies and so all's well that ends well, The End.


Jenny said...

Wow! Looks like fun for the kids. :)

Tim said...
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Tim said...

and P.S. in the Diller family, parties are for the even-numbered birthdays only. Odd years are smaller affairs. I'm not sure we (I) could handle another one of this magnitude any time soon. Hopefully when he's twelve he won't want chaos, cream pies, and a water fight. Hope springs eternal... :-)

cjoy said...

Wow wow wow.....! I'm SO not telling my son about this! :D

JoAnn said...

Insane?.... definitely!! and I am sure that it was the funnest birthday party ever, but I also thank you for not inviting the grandparents to join in. Weare satisfied to have the vicarious experience of looking at the photos and reading the blog. ;-)
How in the world did you come up with all this? I am guessing that for the Professor and his mate the planning was a whole lot more fun than the clean-up.
You guys are terrific parents for doing this.

Raji P. said...

What fun!! Can I borrow the Professor for our next even numbered birthday? :)

Coincidentally or maybe because I told the kids about it from you, my son proclaimed recently that next year they will have no party, on odd birthdays. His twin sister did not approve at all, so they compromised that one of them can have a party on odd years, the other on even years.

RM said...

Looks like a GREAT birthday party. And shaving cream, hmmmmm Hannah? Remember that shaving cream incident of so long ago? Ahhhhhhh...the good old times. ;)

KTG said...

Ah, water balloons in the summer are insanely fun.

Stephanie said...

That is SO great. Feeling incredibly guilty that I haven't given my kids b-day parties in a couple of years. Maybe I can redeem myself this year. How early do I need to book your husband and his crew?

Naomi said...

SOO fun! You are my hero!!!!!