Monday, August 9, 2010

What Would Possess My Husband ...

... to risk life, limb, dignity and spinal alignment in a mechanical bull riding contest?

Um ... maybe to impress his boss? We were, after all, at the boss's ranch for a party of assembled mechanical engineers (I know; hang on to your hat!). 

I'll tell you a secret: I would like to own a ranch some day. Or at least, some beautiful property out in the country where my kids (who will remain frozen in time until I can afford said property) can climb trees and ramble through creeks and roam over hill and dale, completely disconnected from the electronic world. 

To be intimately familiar with settings like this: 

In the meantime, I am hard-pressed to think of a situation in which I would enter a mechanical bull-riding contest. Maybe ...

1. If another human being's life were on the line and I could only save it by participating in said contest
2. If I were wearing my jeans and Frye boots -- and the ground suddenly opened up and swallowed all the spectators. 

What about you? Do you ever long for the wide open spaces to call home? And what, if anything, would induce you to ride that bull? 

P.S. Check out our souvenirs! 


Stephanie said...

You may not believe this, but if I were ten years younger (or just in better shape) I would totally want to do that! But probably not in front of my boss and co-workers.

Tim said...

Dr. B specifically called me out to be the first rider. By ignoring the crowd, I was able to have a good time. I'm sure the bull went longer and harder for me than for some of the others. At least it felt that way. Yeehaw!