Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How to Make a Manifold Sandwich

"O Lord, how manifold are Thy works!" Psalm 104:24

The psalmist was right on, of course, but I'm talking about an entirely different kind of manifold here. The kind of manifold that's found under a vehicle's hood, although I, coming from non-mechanical stock, probably couldn't find it to save my life (that's what my husband is for!). The kind of manifold that can grill your sandwich, baby.

Note: This information is especially useful when you're driving through West Texas and your dining options are limited to either PB&J's or the fare offered by some very shady-looking diners. O Chipotle, why dost thou make thyself scarce???

Step 1: Assemble ingredients: Bread (gluten-free for me) and fillings. We usually do some kind of cheese, but on this trip I had found these squeeze packets of Justin's All-Natural Chocolate Nut Butter on sale, so we used those a time or two. Hey, Justin? Whoever and wherever you are? I love you.

Step 2: Slather outsides of sandwich with butter.

The butter is the key to everything.

As in life, so also in manifold sandwiches. 

Step 3: Wrap each sandwich in tinfoil, with an optional underlayer of waxed or parchment paper.

Step 4: Give roll of tinfoil to four year old for hours of origami-making pleasure. (Yes, that includes shoes.)

Step 5: Place sandwiches on either the intake manifold or the exhaust manifold, whichever you can actually reach.

Step 6: Close hood and drive to next rest stop (or about 20 minutes).

Step 7: Remove sandwiches from manifold.

Step 8: Enjoy your grilled sandwich!


cjoy said...

And you get these crazy ideas from WHERE exactly? What a totally cool - make that hot - way to dine out. hahahha!

K. Titus Rodriguez said...

Thanks Hannah, uh, Tim, uh, Dillers. Also, if there's a naming contest for said sandwich my submission is "Big Daddy Griller Diller Delights!"

Hannah said...

cjoy, believe it or not, I saw this on a Rachael Ray show a few years ago -- and I've watched her show maybe twice in my entire life, so I guess it was meant to be!

Louisa said...

*making a mental note to have Tim show me where the manifold in my car is when I'm driving throught TX next week..."
- an appreciative baby sister

Anna said...

This cracked me up! Oh, the truth found in scripture.

And yes. The words "slather" and "butter" always end up in a good thing.

Stephanie said...

I dunno - I think this ends up setting the bar a little high. Won't my kids scoff at the idea of a PB&J after once experiencing the delights of a manifold sandwich?