Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A Few Favorites

Perhaps it's not apparent, but I've come down with a slight case of Blogging Indolence. For whatever reason (read: Due to the oppressive nature of the Texas heat, source of all ills), creative energy seems elusive these days. Quiet Time rolls around in the afternoon, and words fail to materialize. I go recline on my bed to read a book. I fall asleep. For about ten minutes.

O mojo, where art thou?

Weltschmerz aside (I just had to say that), I thought I'd share a few little things -- my current raindrops on roses, if you will. In no particular order ...

Agricola1. Agricola. Our generous friend Evan sent us this game as a gift. Initially, Tim and I played it late at night with another couple, and it took forever for us to figure out the directions (had to cheat and use eHow) and then play. But, by midnight, we had a good sense of just how fun this strategy-intensive game could be. You people out there who like The Settlers of Catan, this is right up your alley. Also, former childhood Monopoly mavens. Then I taught it to the kids, feeling ambitious one afternoon. We played the "family version," which is slightly simplified. Caroline (age 5) lost interest fairly quickly, but the 8 and 10 year olds hung right in there and played with gusto. It was just long enough to fill a summer afternoon, without unduly taxing their attention span. Score!

2. Behr Premium Plus Ultra Paint. I'm finally getting around to repainting our entryway, which is cranberry red in a way that is not fresh and new. It's dark, people. Gloomy. And this paint (I'm using the Martha Stewart "Parchment Paper" shade) is so high-tech that it covers that red right up without the need for primer. Let me repeat: No primer. Remember, I'm indolent. Score again!

3. BBC Miniseries. Is there a 12-step program for BBC period drama addictions? I merely ask. Because if you believe, as I do, that no finer rendition of Pride and Prejudice exists than the one starring Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy -- the GOLD STANDARD MR. DARCY -- then have I got some shows for you! First it was Downton Abbey. Then Cranford. Then Lark Rise to Candleford, which the Professor and I are plowing through (yes, I know he is awesome). Then my sister-in-law, who shares my taste, got me hooked on North & South. I love the dynamic relationships, the flawed yet heroic characters, the not-so-perfect looks and settings, the less-is-more treatment of sexuality (aren't undercurrents more romantic?).

Phoebe, this one's for you.

Do you have any BBC favorites? Where should I get my next fix?

4. Studying the Psalms. (I told you: no particular order. Don't get tripped up on my mentioning this in the same list as BBC Miniseries.) For example:

"I say to Jehovah, You are my Lord; no good have I beyond You." (Psalm 16:2.)

Okay, yes, I'm listing some things I find to be good. And I write a good deal about larger "goods," like the family life we try to create, at least most of the time. But ultimately, when it comes right down to it, I have no goodness beyond Him. These treasures and pleasures are temporary -- fleeting by, they remind me that the only Good Life I need and want is found in Him alone.

5. Posting photos that bear little relevance to my writing. No elaboration/elucidation/expostulation required.


Erica said...

You said "weltzschmertz" (however you spell that)! Ha ha ha. That brings back memories. I also totally agree about Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. Yum!

Hannah said...

Oh, Erica, that word was just for you!! ;-)

Ebullire said...


Made my day. :)

by r. said...

oh i do have recommendations for you! I LOVE (as in adore adore adore) the BBC series of Sherlock Holmes (i think it's bbc, it's british tv anyways - it's found on netflix, the jeremy brett renditions, he's amazing). I also could watch forever The Darling Buds of May (netflix). It is a little different, more of the cheeky, modernish english humor, but with such hilarious characters that i think you'll like them too. I am in love.

Danica Newton said...

Sharing your laxidasical attitude towards blogging! It must be the heat. Or the lack of schedule. But I think it's across the board, because most of the blogs I follow have slowed up this month, too. :)

As far as BBC series go - have you seen the most recent 'Emma'? (2009) The character development is really good in this one, and the costuming is GORgeous! Def. makes for some twitterpated moments.

Bear Creek Mama said...

Okay, I LOVE this post! It just makes me want to have an hour or two to have coffee with you! I'm SO into that film genre - now I have lots of new movies to look for at the library!
Heard a great word from an amazing mother once who read 5 Psalms and 2 Proverbs per day as their Bible reading. Her testimony was so powerful that my kids and I did it a couple of years ago (before adoption :-). We read THREE Psalms
and 1 Proverb per day for several months (Ps. 1, 31, 61 Pv 1, then Ps. 2, 32, 62, Pv 2...etc.)
It was absolutely the richest time of study we had together - bar none. I highly recommend it and I hope to get back to that some day when my littles are a little less literal - wow, that's a sentence :)
See, I told you we need coffee!

Josh said...

Hey the guys I live with also got Agricola. Maybe we can play together some time. Haha.

Julie said...

Beautiful, funny, and fabulous as always:)...