Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Sprinkles on Top

Who doesn't love a parade? 

We adore our neighborhood parade -- and all the more this year because the dreadful drought our area is experiencing forced cancelation of ALL fireworks. And what is the Fourth of July without fireworks? 

 (Yes, that cute little puppy we bought six months ago is now a 44-lb-and-growing canine wonder.)

Our parade has everything you could want (well, almost -- no marching band.)

Costumed drummers -- check. 
A contest with ample categories for many winners -- check. 
Uniformed scouts carrying flags and leading the Pledge -- check. 
Highly inclusive participation -- check. 
A very short distance to walk in the morning heat -- check. 

We also have little speeches from the major and other city dignitaries, a bit of patriotic singing, recognition of veterans, and free ice cream. 

And, honesty compels me to admit ... my girls, to their great joy and my great shock, actually won first place in the "Bike Group" division. Which proves that sometimes, it really is worth it to run through Target at 8:45 p.m., scooping up any and all pathetic decoration material that's left. 

Sometimes -- like when I'm running through Target and it's my third store of the night to visit and I'm tired from a long plane flight home -- I'd rather just stay home and say "Can we skip it this year, girls? Can we just watch the parade from the sidelines?" 

But we do so much as parents that feels like drudgery. The chores -- just the ones to keep everyone clean and fed -- repeat ad infinitum. The reminders, the teaching and training in good habits, the correction of behavior, the attempts to corral and organize  -- these will always be with us. They're necessary, sure, but they do drain our Family Fun Bank. Not so conducive to the crafting of happy memories. 

So yes, the special breakfasts, the simple decorations, the craft projects, the little extras -- they require a few drops of effort and imagination, often when we least feel the urge. But they need not be elaborate (trust me on this!) to pay big dividends right back into that Bank. 

And don't we all need a little cushion now and then? 


Daniel said...

Haha. And it all ends with an already sweaty dad carrying the bike... :-D

Jenny said...

When did Ian join scouts? (And did I already know that and just forgot?)

I love the girls' outfits! I thought I recognized the dresses from last year's photos. Only they are a shirt and a skirt now! Very clever. :)

Emily Grosse said...

Hi Hannah, I just wanted to say that I enjoy reading your blog so much, it really is my favorite. I always find that it gives me hope to be a mother some day. Our daily lives can be so mundane, seemingly so meaningless and lackluster but I appreciate the way you capture these common place moments and remind us, your readers, that within any day, there are things to appreciate. And, of course, our days our never a waste when we invite the Lord in to all those quiet, inconsequential moments. Thanks for sharing your days!

Hannah said...

@Daniel: Ha! I'm sure he appreciates your noticing. :-)

@Jenny: You are super observant ... and one hundred percent correct. Both outfits are recycled.

@Emily: Thank you so much!! What a boost you just gave me. So glad you said hello!


Looks like everyone had fun. Glad you're enjoying those little moments while you have them...because they grow up way too fast.