Thursday, August 28, 2008

Every face is beautiful

I had a lovely experience today -- another rare opportunity to get pulled out of my mom-with-three-kids identity. My latest magazine article assignment is to write a cover story about how kids with disabilities can grow up to become independent. Through my contact with the Down Syndrome Association of Central Texas, I "met" (over the phone) the delightful mother of an equally delightful young man of 23 named Travis, who is working in the laundry room of a huge family fitness club in South Austin.

Today I visited Travis at work for a short time, speaking with his boss and then getting a tour from him. He showed me all the places he goes in the club, collecting used towels to take back and wash, distributing the snowy white fresh ones that he has meticulously folded by hand (and while his boss was chatting with me, did she open a dryer and start removing a large load of towels? She did. Did I restrain, with difficulty, the visceral urge to reach and start pulling out towels with her, because that's what a mom does when she sees a dryer full of clean laundry? I did).

He showed me the photos of his friends, the personal trainers, and even the perky-looking one of Brittany, on whom he has a crush.

And the class ring he proudly wears, bearing evidence of his role as manager of the football team, Crockett High School Class of 2002.

We had a very nice time, Travis and I.


Vanessa said...

What a neat little adventure for you. Yes, every face is beautiful, especially when you get a glimpse of someone's life.

Tracee said...

cool dude.