Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Magic of Birthdays

Today is my mother's birthday (I won't say which one)... so, happy birthday, Mom!

I sent her a set of these:

They were inspired by my dear friend and creative stamper, Vanessa.

Speaking of birthdays, Caroline is totally into hers, even though it's not until November, which in her mind is probably some foggy notion of the sweet hereafter. She knows she will be THREE, and she called her grandmother the other day to tell her that she's planning on having chocolate MnM's and "Starburstses" and some other candy, I can't remember what. Every time we're in a store and catch a glimpse of those delectable temptations, she begins her planning. "And I want THOSE for my birthday, OK Mom?" (Only she pronounces it more like, "buhfday." I'd better start buying stock in the Hershey corporation.

So the other night, we're on the couch watching you know what, and the wee one calls out, "There's Michael Phelp!" (she drops the "s" -- pretty cute). She paused for a minute and then reflected: "I have a thing for Michael Phelp's buhfday. It's gonna be CHOCOLATE CANDY."

We assured her of his undying gratitude.


Vanessa said...

I think your mom is going to love your cards.

The next time I see Caroline I'll be sure to tell her happy early birthday :)

Beck said...

Beautiful card!
I wonder if Michael Phelps eats candy? I suspect it is, in fact, what gives him his gold-winning power.

Jenny said...

LOL at the chocolate for Michael Phelps. And the cards are just beautiful!! Wow!

Donna said...

HB to your mom! I bet she loves the card. too funny about the candy - oh and I read today Michael Phelps has a 'diet' of 12,000 calories a day. how come I never got into swimming?!?!