Monday, February 23, 2009

It's not about winning

I love this about Eliza.

At the AWANA Games on Saturday, some of the most savory aspects of her personality were on display, proving that you can be a natural optimist without being a laid-back person.

This child is NOT about speed. We just don't do anything fast. So imagine, if you will, a human train of six little girls, racing other groups around a large circle in the middle of a gymnasium. My daughter is, inexplicably, positioned at the forefront of this group. As other groups jog more or less in sync around the circle, Eliza, beaming, leads her train in a WALK. The the other girls are bunched up behind her, trying to step on the gas, but their fearless leader continues to walk. Parents beside me are shouting, "Eliza, RUN!" but apparently all she can hear is that "Gosh, people are shouting MY name! Hurray for me!"

She was the picture of blissful innocence. And later that day, while Ian complained about his "horrible" performance at the games (his evaluation, not based upon fact), Eliza responded cheerfully, "Well, I must be pretty good at the games, because everyone congratulated me afterward!" Pause, then afterthought: "Even though we came in fourth place [out of four]."

What's not to love about that attitude? I so hope she hangs onto it, that ability to just enjoy the experience and accept her best effort as an unqualified success.

Let's be honest, she gets it from her father. Whereas with my son? All I can say is, we're in this journey together, buddy.

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Tim said...

FYI she was first in line as a result of being the shortest. Each of the teams was arranged shortest to tallest.
Also, may I point out (not disagreeing) that her steps were, deliberate, careful, and bursting with pride. Her walk was not slow, but it was far from the run that the other teams were displaying.
She was altogether delightful!