Sunday, February 8, 2009

What a gas

Dudes, I ran out of GAS today. Literally. Haven't pulled that one since age 18, when a very nice fellow had to push me to the nearest filling station with his car in the dead of night from a deserted exit along Rte. 128. Thank God he was a nice fellow.

My daughter and I concluded our shopping trip with some extra quality time: walking the remaining half mile home (I had also forgotten my cell phone). Fortunately, I am such a delight to be married to that little inconveniences and idiocies like this matter nary a whit to my longsuffering husband. He actually loves to ride to the rescue! That's my story, and I'm sticking with it.

Speaking of the husband, he just wrote two terrific posts on Daddy Magic. Check it out and boost his ego, if you will, with a comment. He deserves it after riding around on his bike with a gallon of gas sloshing around in that can. Have I mentioned we own only one car?

We also celebrated Chinese New Year today by reading some great picture books (Lon Po Po, Daisy Comes Home; Happy New Year!) and making our own potstickers with my sister and her husband. Who, by the way, is Asian-born. And knows a genuine potsticker when he tastes one. He was very polite. And hungry.

And on a food-related note, my younger daughter and I hit the Sunset Valley Farmers' Market this weekend, which we haven't visited in a coon's age. One thing I love about that girl is that everything is exciting. Look at the hundreds of dogs I can pet! The organic produce and chocolate-dipped strawberries I can sample! Such zest for living, especially when life involves wearing princess costumes to church, taekwondo parties, farmer's markets. I need to take that yoke upon me and learn from her, for her joy is infectious and her introspection refreshingly rare.


nicole r said...

can i just say that i was SO jealous of caroline at the mtg in her princess dress. i have a sneaking suspicion i ought to outgrow the desire to be a princess... but maybe not just yet. :)

wish i could have spent some time with you guys while i was here -- blitzed in though -- next time i hope! x

Jenny said...

I just know that I'm going to end up running out of gas someday. Hope my hubby is as cheerful as yours when he comes to my rescue! ;)

Amy said...

I noticed the fairy costume in the meeting last night. It was adorable.

Moriah is in a Caroline hand-me-down today. She's ever-so-slowly growing into more and more of them. Thanks again for sending them our way!