Saturday, February 14, 2009

A mini-vacation

Friends, I am in Boston. Not only are my parents here, but also my brother Paul. And a friend named Joe whom I have known all my conscious life is throwing a wedding this evening. What's more, he's been kind enough to give me the title "Honorary Groomsperson." Which makes me feel very, very special.

This is my very first trip here completely by myself. It felt quite appropriate, after kissing my little ones and gallant husband goodbye, to be delivered to the airport by my sister, only to be picked up on the other end, at 12:45 a.m. thank you, by my brother, swooping in to grab my suitcase and replace it with a hot cinnamon roll. This trip more than ever, I feel like the geographical journey has mirrored my temporary odyssey from mother to daughter and sister. Usually on these trips, I'm attempting to fill all those roles at once, which can be disorienting. I'm grateful for the chance to take a little break.

Funny moment: in the Austin airport, I was in line to grab some dinner from Waterloo Icehouse before boarding. While waiting for my order, I watched two well-dressed ladies walk by, and I guess I subconsciously glanced at their shoes (elegant boots) and then down at mine (comfortable, but rather scuffed, Danskos). A guy sitting a few feet away talking on his cell phone interrupted himself to toss at me, "I saw you notice their shoes!" I laughed sheepishly and conceded, "Mine are not as cute." "But you are!" he responded, then resumed his little chat.

Full disclosure -- the following thoughts popped into my head, in no particular order:
1-Well, nice to know that after three [invisible-to-him] kids, I haven't entirely lost my groove.
2-Puh-leeze, dude, you'd probably flirt with a barn door. I am so not taken in by you.
3-I *really* need to get my wedding ring re-sized and wear the thing. Especially on that very, very, rare occasion when I travel alone.

Off to do some shopping with Mom!


Dear Husband said...

No, you most certainly haven't lost your groove. And for that I thank you.

Jenni said...

Haha! How cool!!!

I have to tell you that I had no idea you were leaving town. I've been a bit removed way out here in the boonies. So, when Tim called and said the family was coming to Elgin to spend the night last night, I assumed you would be there. This morning, I was serving with Caroline in children's meeting and asked her where she slept last night. She said in Nonnie's office, and I asked if she slept with her parents in there. She said daddy was there, but mommy was at Costco. I thought that was a bit odd, that you would be shopping while the rest of the family was resting in Elgin, but thought I'd ask Tim later.

After the morning meeting, we enjoyed a lunch at the hall and I asked Tim where you were. He said you were in Boston and I just had to laugh at Caroline's mis-remembering where Mommy was!

I'm here on the couch in my living room with Amber, Eliza and Ian watching The Fox and The Hound. Caroline is in the bedroom with Ashley dressing up Barbie Dolls with Great Aunt Jennie clothes. It's been a fun weekend. The kids are sleeping over tonight and will be deposited with Nonnie while I go to work tomorrow for a Staff Development day, student holiday. The Presidents have to be remembered, don't ya know.

nicole r said...

:) i TOTALLY LOVE this post. super super cute. :)

Vanessa said...

LOL!!!!!!! That would have made my day!

melissa said...

Wonderful comment, Tim!