Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Happy Mother's Day, everyone! Hope everyone who IS a mother and everyone who HAS a mother had a wonderful, memorable day.

Caroline had a memorable day because after we emerged from the University Club where we have our traditional Mother's Day luncheon, her little feet got bitten by several fire ants. See below.

Other than that, Mrs. Lincoln says the show was quite lovely.

And now, in honor of Mother's Day, instead of telling you about how my sweet children made me some nice mixed-media cards with my scrapbooking supplies and then left a mess all over the floor for me to clean up as I rejoiced in that very special irony, I will tell you three funny little stories, one for each reason I am a mother today.

Caroline went running into her room to get dressed yesterday morning, but the blackout shades were still drawn. She came pitterpattering back to our room, pouting audibly. "What's wrong, sweetheart?" inquired her daddy. "My room! It's ... FLOODED WITH DARKNESS!!!"

Eliza melted into tears Friday night upon discovering that Ian was about to shove off to his semiannual all-night lock-in at his taekwondo place. "But I'll miss you TOO MUCH!" she wailed. "I'll call you on the phone!" Ian offered. "But you can't do that while I'm SLEEPING!" "Eliza, honey," I intervened, "how can you miss Ian while you're asleep?" "Because he's just ..." sob, sniff, sniff, "warm and ...... snuggly."
Needless to say, she was allowed to go to the lock-in with him (Daddy brought her home at eleven).

Ian had the most delightful conversation with his friend Truman on Friday afternoon, and I got to eavesdrop and transcribe. Here's an excerpt:
Ian: You should meet Ashley, my cousin, she's awesome. (Pause.)
But sometimes she goes off with Amber and Eliza and does all sorts of
GIRLY stuff.
Truman: Ewww, girly! Ian, you're gonna have to marry one, you know?
Ian: I don't really have to, but yeah, I know, I'm gonna have to,
because I want to have kids.
Truman: You have to have kids with a girl, you know.
Ian, sighing: Yeah. I know.

(Not sure whose kids these are; we just noticed them sitting outside the restaurant this afternoon. Strange-looking critters, no?)


Jenny said...

Happy Mother's Day! :)

Eclectic Mama said...

Drat!! I was going to use that little dialog snippet in my blog. I guess you're entitled, since it occurred at your house and you were actually the one who heard it. :)

P.S. Count your blessings about the cards. At least YOU got one. (Of course, I did get chocolate and wine, so I'm not complaining.) You'll be happy to know that my living room is covered in paper chain. Thanks. So. Much.

Tamara said...

Cute post, Hannah. The little snippet about each kid really made me smile :0) So sweet and funny!

Naomi said...

I love the stories. So funny! :-D And the picture those critters - adorable.

Jenni (SIL) said...

LOL! I really want a copy of that pic of the kids!!!
Mother's Day was wonderful, as usual, spending time with the family, eating all the shrimp and chocolate mousse one person can cram into their mouth... :) I really love our family.