Friday, May 29, 2009

Recipe for a Perfect Day

Step One: Arise while still groggy. Make coffee with and share with husband.

Step Two: At ungodly hour of 9:00 a.m., arrive with children at Bright Leaf Nature Preserve for a guided hike with four other families. Receive welcome surprise of seeing some friends you haven't seen for a while.

Step Three: Listen closely as the docent waxes eloquent about deer tracks and various plants and natural phenomena you wouldn't normally know a thing about. Reflect on how much better this is than your typical hikes: "Look, kids, at that pretty plant! Isn't it pretty? I wonder what it is. So pretty."

Step Four: Let oldest child/budding photojournalist document freely for his Wildlife Album.
From A Quiet Spot

Step Five: Proceed to Children's Museum to meet other friends.

Step Six: Meet same friends at the new P. Terry's for an organic burger. Watch children bury one another in sand pit.
From A Quiet Spot

Step Seven: Return home; immediately begin Quiet Time. Write blog post and wonder how to pack for tomorrow's trip to a city that had 90 degree weather last week, and 50 degree weather this week. The brain, it simply cannot compute. Better call Mom.


Jenny said...

Did the new restaurant have gluten-free burger buns, or did your burger have to go naked? LOL

Have fun on the trip. The weather sounds way too cold for almost June!

Hannah said...

Actually, I had it half-naked -- ate one bun but not the other due to concerns about table manners. Now I have a headache. Interesting.