Sunday, May 24, 2009

Why is My Bathroom So Stinky?

A weekend in our life, by the numbers:

TWO - boys playing on top of an enormous dirt pile
THREE - girls on a tire swing
459 - current measurement, in feet, of the paper chain (thanks to some helping friends)

7:00 a.m. - Time at which I was awakened by four children loudly playing with Legos this morning.

TWO - young screech owls in a tree on our street, brought to our attention by a friendly neighbor

FIVE - brand new, month-old chicks given to us by my SIL, named Penny, Pippi, Agent Fluffy, Snowball, and DC (for Dad's Chick). Currently housed in our shower and pooping up an odiferous storm.

THREE - Number of children who should be in bed right now, drifting off to dreamland.

THREE - Number of children "helping" Dad build a chick condo for the patio. 

EIGHT - people bunched around the dinner table of Sam and a very pregnant Vanessa tonight. We ate chicken. No relation. 


Eclectic Mama said...

Love those pics! That IS an enormous dirt pile! (I've been hearing all about it.)

Thanks for the photos. No more mention, so far, of adding chicks to our family mix. (Thank God.)

Tim said...

For the record: we finished the chicken pen, where the chicks are safely installed, and the shower has been very thoroughly cleaned out. I got to spend a lot of very good quality time with three eager to help children. And for the most part, their help was actually helpful, especially Ian's. I put his math skills to good use measuring, dividing, and marking boards to cut. Wouldn't trade tonight's hour and a half late bedtime for anything. :-)

Jenny said...

You're far braver than I, keeping chicks in the shower! LOL

Beck said...

I cracked up when I came to the chicks in the shower. They can't be HELPING, can they! Ha.

Stephanie said...

It took me a minute to figure out exactly how your title was related to the content of your post. I am a little slow today.

Samuel said...

Modest Hannah failed to mention that they came over and prepared dinner for us. We were so cherished. We love you guys!