Saturday, September 19, 2009

Date Night

When The Aspiring Professor confided that he would be working on his thesis all weekend, my in-laws took pity on me and invited the kids out for half the weekend. The result? Last night, we grabbed some supplies from Terra Burgers and a well-loved quilt, and had a date night al fresco at the Arboretum.

Lying on our backs, we saw this:

Window shopping afterward, we saw these at Janie and Jack:

And I was totally jonesing for a pair, imagining how priceless they'd look on Caroline's feet. Maybe Eliza's too. And hey, while I'm dreaming, why not a pair of these for me?

While we're at it, how about some flying pigs?

But this morning I woke up to a fragment of a hymn wandering through my brain:
"Christ is my Sabbath and new moon,
My morning and my day
My age and my eternity
That ne'er shall pass away."

I lay under the covers for a decadent amount of time, listening to the breezes sighing through the leaves of the huge ash tree outside our bedroom window, offering gusts of September air that felt just as an early fall morning should after an unusually brutal summer. Clear, gentle morning sun stole in to light the pages of my book.

Cute cowboy boots pass away, fading eventually into scuffmarked inhabitants of closet corners.

I am satisfied.


Anonymous said...

Satisfaction is a wonderful thing :) . BTW here is a link to a date night experience that didn't go quite as well as yours. It's a three post series that you might find humorous.

nicole r said...

i heart this. (and of course i heart you!)

Stephanie said...

"Date night"? What is this "date night" of which you speak? I want one.

Naomi said...

So glad y'all got a lovely date night!! :-D

Thank You Lord for reminding us of all that you are and all that we have in You. :-D