Monday, September 14, 2009

I am SO in trouble here

And it's not because I have an article deadline tomorrow night and haven't exactly started on the thing. Oh no, I do that every single month. (There's a book on my to-read list called Outliers: The Story of Success
-- have you read it? Apparently the author, Malcolm Gladwell, found that people who are highly proficient in their field or skill have worked at it for, on average, 10,000 hours. I think. I'm wondering, does procrastination count? Because if so, where do I get my Outlier badge?)

No, it's because a couple days ago, Caroline, perched in her carseat, was gazing reflectively at her raspberry-colored raincoat. "Mom," she soberly intoned, "I just have the feeling that it's time to sell this coat." When pressed by her inquisitive mother as to the source of this feeling, she offered the following reason: "It's too plain, and I like things to be very fancy."

GULP. I'm really not seeing the voluntary simplicity movement in her future.

In other news, Ian earned his first $5 for mowing the neighbor's yard yesterday. So, the college fund may survive after all. Either that, or the Lego company's coffers are about to take on additional lining. Which do YOU think it will be???


Raji P. said...

Goodness, this 10,000 hours business is spreading through Austin this week - I also heard about it this week and wondered hmmm!

Eclectic Mama said...

So THAT'S why Sydney and Caroline get along so well ... they're both "very fancy." haha

Anonymous said...

"I'm wondering, does procrastination count? Because if so, where do I get my Outlier badge?"

Lol, I don't mean to be rude but I think I was in that line first, ha ha ha. And thanks for the tip, I'll go buy some Lego stock right now.

Jenny said...

Clearly, a raincoat cannot possibly be fancy enough for wear on rainy days without rhinestone embellishment, at the very least. Maybe it's time for a Bedazzler? ;)