Friday, December 4, 2009

Big Day

Hey, y'all. Big doings around Casa Diller this weekend -- tomorrow is the day The Professor walks across the stage in his "zoot suit" and acquires an important scrap of paper. I promise to post photos; the regalia is really something else.

Last night the Pioneer Woman was in town doing a book signing of her new cookbook. My friend Sally asked me to accompany her. Oh, how I was tempted, for three reasons:

1. Sally is fun to hang out with.
2. Meeting PW would have been a real treat, two hour wait notwithstanding.
3. A mom's night out is a mom's night out, any way you slice it.

But it was the night of our home meeting (definition: dinner and Bible study around our table), and someone was bringing a guest, and I just couldn't abandon the homefront in good conscience. I gave Sally my reluctant regrets.

You know what? The whole time people were here, I didn't think once about the book signing I was missing. I also didn't think about what a basketcase I'd been that day. There's something about breaking bread -- er, smoked turkey enchiladas -- with the people of God that just fills me right up, with not an inch left over for regrets.

Okay. My mom is here. Presents for the kids have been opened, airplane dramas related, the Austin version of a 30-minute blizzard duly admired, and UP watched with a side order of popcorn and hot tea.

Happy weekend, everyone! Over and out, kisses and hugs,



Era said...

The big day - hooray!!! Congrats to all of you again.

Stephanie said...

Have a great weekend, Hannah! Our congratulations to the Professor.

cjoy said...

Woohoo on the big day!
Amen on being filled and no room for regrets - true satisfaction, guaranteed.