Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Project 365 Redux

Vanessa was over today. We made big plans for documenting 2010 with this gorgeous kit (a great value!) from Becky Higgins. It is, in my little mind, the perfect option for those of us who are either to busy to scrapbook to the nth degree as we would like, or too overwhelmed by the thought of where to start. Hey, Sam? She wants one for her birthday. You're welcome.

Although my scrapbooking hobby has suffered this year in terms of visible output, I've really enjoyed keeping up with Project 365. If you're surprised I've stuck it out, you can't be more flabbergasted than I am. It's been like creating a yearbook, an ongoing family keepsake, the perfect mesclun (as my brother would say) of big events and completely ordinary moments and details.

Today's Picture of the Day:

Goodness, we love the library. We love the mostly-friendly librarians. The way we can walk to the shelf and pull picture books to supplement anything we're learning, from Abraham Lincoln to Mexican culture to dinosaurs. We love the cool events they host. We love their audiobook collection. We love the free-ness of it all.

Except when we discover we owe $20 in fines.

Then, not so much love. More bitterness and self-loathing.

And steely determination to jump back on the Library Elf wagon.


Samuel said...

Thanks for the subtle hint. :)

Jenny said...

I got through February with Project 365 before it got lost in the shuffle for me. I'd love to try to do it next year, but it'll never happen. I love that you've kept up with it, though...what a great keepsake!

Samuel said...

I can't wait to start it. This afternoon I spent an hour picking through all my craft stuff to sell on craig's list so that I can have the $ to buy it before my b-day--I'll be 60 day behind if I wait until then.

Great shot of Eliza.

Samuel said...

oops, this is vanessa, not Sam :)

Eclectic Mama said...

I get the bitterness and self-loathing part. Last week I had to buy a Garfield book for $12.00 because we can't find it. A Garfield book. Let me tell you, if I'm going to spend $12.00 on a book willingly, it *won't* be on Garfield. That's even worse than the last book we had to buy, Encyclopedia Brown, and that was due to the kids' putting a leaky water bottle on top of if. Sheesh.

cjoy said...

I am in love with the Library Elf. It keeps me such great compay (after I posted the meme, I wished I'd put that for who emailed me most...but then again, it has 2 words, so...).

AND. Think of the fines as your yearly dues or membership fees. And in that, consider HOW MANY books, audio books, movies and events you get for that amazing price!! See. Guilt gone. :)

Mrs. Parramore said...

I once had a $50 library fine. and did I mention I'm a librarian?
A friendly one, at that...