Thursday, April 8, 2010

An Island; A Book

The children were particularly fractious this morning. To be specific, there were three girl-tantrums at our house, all before breakfast. (I know, this never happens at your house.)

I went here in my mind:

(Photo by Laszlo-Photo)

It was lovely, really. Nothing but the sound of silence. 

Then I returned to our humble kitchen, where the Professor and I swore the following blood oath: From now on, these children will be fed breakfast and have their blood sugar stabilized within thirty minutes of their eyelids opening. 

Now, what to feed them for breakfast is an increasingly complex question. I'd say we're officially stuck in a breakfast rut, but that oversimplifies the issue, as we're stuck in a few different breakfast ruts based on a few different eating preferences. Of course. 

This is why I laugh ruefully and maybe almost want to weep when I read The Seven Silly Eatersto my girls. They want to hear it over and over and over. But I think their reasons have more to do with how the family solves their truly nightmarish food issues with PINK CAKE. 

But don't let me spoil it for you. This book is meant to be savored.

P.S. Readers, I have heard you loud and clear:  I should not wear flip-flops while riding my bike! Got it! (So I shouldn't tell you about riding my bike barefoot around Fire Island as a kid, toting home the groceries for my grandmother?  No?) Duly busted.

And the cell phone was for checking directions on my GPS. I just knew someone would notice that. 


Tamara said...

I totally intended to stand up for you on the flip-flop issue! In Holland they don't even protect their head with a helmet, so flip-flops seem a pretty small point. When you bike all the time, you just have to where what you have on. Backing up a second, though, I appreciate their concern for you :) I love how Ian rides home with the professor. Very cool :)

At the beginning of this post you said there were three girl tantrums, and my first thought was, "But there are only three girls in the family, and Hannah's one of them..." I'm pretty sure that's not what you meant, right? ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks for reminding me of Seven Silly Eaters. My older daughter and I read it together a long time ago but I haven't read it with my 3yo who only eats rice, plain pasta and fruit (ok and any candy or cake you'll give her) :)

Hannah said...

@Tamara: Sorry for the confusion; by hyphenating girl-tantrums I simply meant that there were three tantrums had by girls. Not me, but if Tim hadn't been there to help, I might have been the fourth! ;-)

Jared said...

Growing up, my brothers and I ate eggs and oatmeal six days a week (Saturdays were whole-wheat flapjacks). The only variation came when Mom would have to put the eggs IN the oatmeal to trick my baby bro into eating them.

Oh, and I say it's fine to ride with flip-flops! If you're worried about stubbing your toe in a crash then you might as well wear full-finger gloves too.

Raji P. said...

Hannah, instead of a link to Amazon (which I have been barred from visiting as of yesterday's visit with Quicken) perhaps you could kindly have a direct link to the City of Austin library catalog? :) you are my #1 book recommendation queen, and I bow to thee.

Amy said...

Three words to solve your breakfast rut dilemma - ice cream cake.

Hannah said...

I LOVE this book! One of the first I bought for my girls.