Monday, April 12, 2010

O Rock, You Enchant Us

We got the total beauty package on Saturday. Not a facial, massage, and pedicure, mind you -- although goodness knows my feet would have appreciated it --- but a complete feast for the senses courtesy of the Creator. 

The drive through the Hill Country to Enchanted Rock is currently a riotous celebration of spring color, with wildflowers of every hue carpeting the borders of the highway. With every mile, you become convinced there can be no prettier place on the planet at this particular moment in time. 

(Then you high-five yourself for bringing along your cell phone instead of a REAL camera.)

Things You'll Need Upon Arriving at The Rock:
1. Drinks, snacks. To nosh, perchance to picnic ...
2. Comfortable walking shoes
3. Sunscreen (The top part of the Rock is completely exposed, though delightfully breezy)
4. Thick skin to deflect whining from the wee-est one. (The middle one, who used to whine with the Big Boys during anything resembling a hike, scrambled to the top like an ibex.)
5. A sense of wonder. Surveying the panoramic view at the top, where the few visible smidges of civilization look so tiny, it's easy to think life is as simple as it will ever be. 
6. A promise of ice cream in nearby Fredericksburg for motivation. See #4.

For inspiration for getting outdoors with your family, see this post at Adventure in Progress. Then look around, note the lack of knee-deep snow in your environs, and get out there! 


Stephanie said...

Your Eliza reminds me very much of my Emma.

Enjoyed reading, as always.

Looking forward to our next trip to the rock.

Tamara said...

Three cheers for the maturing little ibex!

Raji P. said...

Ah lovely! we went 2 weeks ago, yet to write about it. How did you get the collage of pictures like that?!

Anonymous said...

Looks like Enchanted Rock is a right of passage in Austin. We're gonna have to get out there.