Thursday, April 1, 2010

No foolin'. Well, okay. Foolin'.

Did you pull off any April Fool's jokes, my friends? Are you crackling with creative energy in that department or, like me, have you managed to somehow keep your kids in blissful ignorance about their duty to spice things up on this important Day of Days?

My fellow Americans, it turns out, are much more inspired. 

-Our friend Quinn posted the following anecdote on Facebook this afternoon in response to my query: 

"Yep got Melibea [his wife] good. Sent her a text saying I was on my way to get Luke [their five year old] at school, told her he got in a fight and was in the office! LOL she went crazy, and I let her go for about 3-4 min. LOL she started all talking about parenting styles--it was GREAT!"

(I'm guessing Quinn's Fun Cup is excessively large. I hope his sofa is also large because I imagine that's where he'll be sleeping tonight.)

-NPR did their annual spoof, and I just happened to catch it in the Mom Taxi this afternoon. For a good chuckle (remember, they say NOTHING on air about it being a joke), find the written and spoken versions here

- My friend Amy texted her husband announcing her pregnancy. Six heart attacks later, he found he'd been April Fooled. 

- A well-respected mom wrought panic, then chuckles, on a classical homeschooling email loop I'm on by sending this out this morning: 


I'm sure you were as disturbed as I was this morning to read about the 
statement from the authors of The Well-Trained Mind, Susan Wise Bauer 
and Jessie Wise. The have apparently renounced the classical approach 
outlined in their writings and are, in support of the President's "Race 
to the Top" political agenda, now supporting a moderate/progressive 
public school model for education that advances "21st-century" 
technological tools and ideas in place of the historical and classical 
emphasis of TWTM.

This seems like such a betrayal, I don't know what to say. I for one 
will carry on with the ideals of TWTM, even if others abandon them for 
political favor.

You can read the gory details at

With sadness, but resolve,


You funny, funny people. Note to self: next year, you old stick-in-the-mud, start gathering ideas on March 31st.


cjoy said...

I bailed this year...I did not play a prank and did not tell my kids it was April Fool's...having them at home versus school kept my day simple. (I had no energy for it.)

However, when I was in High School one year I told my friends I was moving to another state... Apparently, I was loved. That, or they were just all good actors. :)

JoAnn said...

I read a great "email go round" sometime during the last year about an atheist group that approached a judge/lawmaker about establishing a special "atheist day," the reasoning being that since all the religions have their own, legally endorsed holidays, atheists should be allowed to have a holiday, too. the very wise (IMHO) judge responded that, indeed, they do. The Bible says, "The fool has said in his heart, 'there is no God'", so April 1 is, and long has been, the official Atheist Day. :-) I thought that was worth passing along.

Tim said...

I feel like such a dud for having missed April Fool's day. It crossed my mind that it might have been a good night for a family fire drill, with smoke alarms and all, but I'm hesitant to wake the kids in the middle of the night since they might not get back to sleep very well and we would certainly pay for it the next day.

Stephanie said...

Love the funny stories, but am so happy to be married to a man who (like myself) has no use for this particular holiday. Although, when I shared an April Fool's Day prank I heard about with everyone at dinner, my son excitedly exclaimed that he was definitely going to pull that prank on his kids one day!

Amy said...

Since you asked, my co-worker made my April Fool's day yesterday with 2 awesome pranks - one on our Director and one on her husband (in cooperation with her 11 year old son).

For our Director: she had a friend from DC with a James Earl Jones voice call and leave him a voicemail asking him to participate in National Lab Day at the White House and be on a panel with President Obama and the Chief Technology Officer to talk about our program's effort to increase the number of math and science teachers. He was so excited he was ready to postpone the final he was supposed to give that day to be able to go.

For her husband: she had a friend from Southern California call to say that their son was getting a callback for a Disney audition (he auditioned at an open casting call last weekend) and would need to prepare a song and dance for this Saturday. The husband posted the news on his Facebook and friends began to congratulate and offer advice on singing coaches. That night her son did a terrible "Happy Birthday Mickey" song and dance for him, complete with jazz hands, then said "Daddy, that's not the real song. The real song is "April Fools day to you..."

Moxy Jane said...

We never do much...but one year, our geography club was studying France during the month of April, so we discovered the origins of April Fool's Day and had a wonderful time picnicking on the grounds of the French Legation and playing poisson d'avril tag!

I was thinking that reading Amelia Bedelia stories might be fun to do on the day, too. But I'm not all that keen on practical jokes myself (being a poor sport).