Thursday, April 28, 2011

A Royal Wedding Conversation

(No photos here, since all the Kate-William photos are copyrighted out the wazoo. Click here if you need a visual aid.)

This morning, I showed the girls a photo of Prince William and Kate Middleton. We will, of course, be watching the blessed event via the magic and mystery of DVR. How many times in a little girl's lifetime do fairytales come true? (And as for the happily-ever-after part, we can hope for the best.)

Caroline [rather disappointed tone]: He doesn't look like a real prince.

Me: You think so? Hmm. What about Kate? Does she look like a real princess?

Caroline: No.

Me: Why's that?

Caroline: A real princess would be wearing a poufy gown with sparkly things on it.

Maybe she'll change her mind when she sees the tiara?

(Free William and Kate paper dolls to print out here.)


Raji P. said...

I'm waiting for Kavya to come home to show her the DVRd wedding. Let's see if she agrees with Caroline! I am making a bit of a big deal about it for her sake as I remember clear as day watching Lady Di get married, and being so enchanted with her. It is so fairytale-like for sure!

Psst, I may have to agree with Caroline :-) W may have looked princely but K's gown could have been more poofy and sparkly for our imaginations to be happy!

Hannah said...

Raji, the buzz on her dress really amused me. She knew how to draw out the suspense! I actually really liked it. And the girls were gaga over the idea that the Queen let her pick out a tiara from the Chest of Tiaras!

Vanessa said...

I have to agree with Caroline about the dress. I was hoping for something a little more "princessy".I found it amusing that one of the commentators speculated that perhaps her dress was Kate's view of a wife--traditional.