Friday, April 1, 2011

Winner! And a Few Things

It's Friday. And it's April Fool's Day. And I'm feeling random. So here we go!

1. The winner of the Alphabet Glue giveaway is ... using a random number generator ... Commenter #1! (When does that ever happen?!) Bethy Lynne, congratulations! A copy of the magazine will be sent to you via email. Now, everyone else should go pony up the $4 for your own copy. And no, Annie didn't ask me to say that. Pinky promise.

(I'm doing another giveaway really soon, and I promise you'll like it, so stay tuned!)

2. Did you play any April Fool's pranks today? Or do you dread, ignore, or shake your fist at the day? I ended up baking scones for breakfast and sneaking a Thin Mint into each of the kids' scones to show them that April Fool's pranks can be fun and loving instead of just fun and irritating. "Mother dearest, thank you for your shining example," they all humbly responded.


I see that Whole Foods has their annual April Fool's tomfoolery up here.

But my personal gold star goes to my friend Courtney, who arranged with another friend that their respective children would wake up this morning with different parents. After all the kids were in bed last night, Courtney and her husband sneaked over and switched places with the friend and her husband. Is that pure, unadulterated genius, or what?

3. A Love Letter:
Dear Keen Company,

Thank you for making shoes that my boy has worn since time mostly immemorial. We bought our newest pair today. He loves them because they're uber-comfortable. I love them because:
1. They're machine-washable.
2. They're sandals, but they meet the closed-toe requirement of various camps and summer activities.
3. He can take them off, and I can tolerate being in the same room with both his feet and his shoes. And that, dear Keen, is a miracle worthy of deepest gratitude.

Yours sincerely,
A mother who was not paid a dime for this endorsement, honest.

4. Snow in Boston on April Fool's Day is neither new nor funny. Enough already! Send those poor, winter-traumatized, Vitamin D-deprived folks some blue skies and sunshine!


cjoy said... I want the real keen link. ;D

Meppers said...

Just reading this for the first time. Too cute! I shall be back!

Hannah said...

Fixed it, cJoy! Pardon my lazy linkchecker. She's just that way sometimes. :-)

KTG said...

We woke up to snow glistening on the trees. My 2 year old shouted "cool I want to make a snowman". I grumbled, "but my crocus flowers just bloomed!"

The WoodLand School said...

I *love* the Thin Mint idea, Hannah! I agree - too often pranks get nasty or annoying. Thank goodness Minda was able to come up with our masterpiece today!

Bethy Lynne said...

Thanks Hannah and Annie! Sorry I just saw this, but I got Annie's e-mail earlier with the great news! I was very surprised. Lots of fun! So great to meet Annie too! Thanks again! :)