Thursday, June 30, 2011

What We're Reading

Read anything good lately?

I'm trying to make sure that we use these lazy days of summer (which are totally not happening; June has whizzed by in a craze of activity) to carve out some daily reading time.

And as always ... not just for the kids!

The girls and I found Art Fraud Detective: Spot the Difference, Solve the Crime! at the library the other day. In a word: LOVE. You use the enclosed magnifying class to pore over famous paintings, trying to spot the forgeries among the real deals. It's like a high-class version of Where's Waldo?  They were definitely digging it.

 Ian just finished My Side of the Mountain,  at my encouragement (Remember our survival literature unit? I also got The Cay on audiobook; thanks for the recommendations in the comments!). Yes, I do require some reading that's not either Percy Jackson or Star Wars graphic novels. Shoot me.

Shark vs. TrainShark vs. Trainis getting reading after reading at our house. Thank heavens, my daughters are not too old for the right preschool-age picture books! Bonus: this gem was written by a local homeschooling dad.

Let's see, what else ... oh, we just finished Socks. Not my favorite Beverly Cleary in the whole wide world, but still fairly amusing.

I've been prowling the British Isles, literarily speaking. Not intentionally, but between Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, A Red Herring Without Mustard: A Flavia de Luce Novel (the latest sequel to The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie),  and Mansfield Park it's apparently my season for Angliophilia. Read any of them? I'd say Major Pettigrew's my current favorite.

That's all for now! Happy browsing.

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Anne said...

Reading A Red Herring now! Mystery isn't my usual genre, but I really enjoyed the first two and like this one as well. Before that I tackled Gone With the Wind, which I hadn't read in a very long time. I have to say that it all struck me very differently reading it as an adult, than as a teenager. WIth the perspective I have now, it really is a very sad story. And before THAT, I read Everyone is Beautiful and The Bright Side of Disaster. Loved them.

Danica Newton said...

I'm plowing thorough 'The Song of Ice and Fire' books, read the first two ('Game of Thrones' and 'Clash of Kings', both 800 pages +!), and and half way through 'Storm of Swords'. AMAZINGLY well written fantasy books, rival Tolkien's for the scope and characters. However, they're a lot more violent than Tolkien, and the third book has several sex scenes in it. Boo!!!

Julie said...

Thank you for the great kids recommendations! Love the funny in here too, I so needed to laugh!