Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Everything But the Trapper Keeper

Well, knock my socks off and straight into the wash, as Paula Deen would say. 

My children appear to be channeling normal school kids. 

(Don't get too excited, though; notice the shirt still hangs loose.)

Either that, or they're fresh off their first day of Classical Conversations

"She's a big personality in a small package," commented one of the room moms from Caroline's class during lunch. Yep. 

It's amazing how the momentum of a group that loves learning and loves *people* can lift you up and make the obstacles seem like bread, rather than giants. Hooray for new beginnings! 



"bread rather than giants." Perfect.

Danica Newton said...

What is Classical Conversations? Interested!

Angie said...

How exciting! My girls are starting CC for the first time in mid September. I've just discovered your blog like your style. My kids are much younger than yours, and it's encouraging to see the adventures that other families are having!

Unrelated, we signed up my 3 and 4 year old for swim lessons the day I read your close call post.

Julie said...


Julie said...

Used to love Trapper Keepers... Love Paula Deen, how bout we all meet up at her restaurant?:)