Sunday, August 28, 2011

Hanging in There

Hey friends!

Hope you all had a pleasant weekend. If you were able to go outside, because it wasn't either a) hurricaning in your general direction, or b) 110 degrees, may I congratulate you?

(Oh, wait. Sorry, just checked Facebook. Make that 112 degrees.)

Dear friends in the Pacific Northwest ... got a house to sell us? 

I'm really only half kidding. 

Anyhow anyway anyhoo, there's really not a whole lot to report here except that I have been working all afternoon on creating a new blog, FINALLY, and my tailbone is really, really sore. The good news: The new blog will be not much different in any perceptible way from the old blog, in terms of content. The bad news: The new blog will be not much different in any perceptible --

You get my drift. I'll let you know the minute it's presentable, and we can meet up over there. (Oh, and if you have feedback for me? Stuff you'd like to see on the new blog (or not see)? Let me know.)

In the meantime, enjoy a couple slices of my crazy, ordinary life:

Building a resort for fairies in the back yard ...

Wet trampolining. Not the safest, but definitely the sanest at these temps. 

How homeschoolers do P.E.  on a Friday afternoon.  

I forgot to show you this earlier, from our trip to Colorado in July. I wouldn't mind being there right now, in fact. Shall we charter a bus? 


Stephanie said...

We're big fans of wet trampolining. It really is the only way.

cwoodf1 said...

Wet trampolining is one of my favorite memories of being a kid. Of course nowadays I don't feel safe on a dry trampoline, much less a slippery, wet one!

Ah, my sense of adventure is gone.

(Is it just me, or is that pool reaaaallly green?)

Hannah said...

Ha! Yes Christine, it was rather green. That's Austin's famous Deep Eddy pool. Not sure why so green, but it is spring fed. Plus it had missed its mst recent cleaning. :-(


When does the caravan leave for Colorado?

Ami said...

Oooh, I miss rafting. Count me in!

The WoodLand School said...

Look at all the water in this post!!! Ahhhhhhhhh ...

I'm with you on the wet trampolining. My kids sometimes bounce on/with ice cubes, too :-)

Julie said...

Wow, great picture!