Monday, August 1, 2011

If I'm Thankful, Will It End Sooner?

Yes, I know. I've already managed to communicate on this blog something of my distaste for the Texas summer. Specifically, THIS Texas summer. This recordbreaking, triple-digits-every-day-since-May, unrelenting, drought-stricken, grass-crisping, summer.

But I've decided: enough with the whining. And although it's been a little while since I've done a 1000 Gifts gratitude post, it's time to buck up and give thanks. So, here we go, drawing a deep breath and offering up thanks for summertime in Texas ...

#245. Air conditioning. Dear pioneer foremothers: I bless you. I tip my hat to you. I kiss the ground on which your layers of skirts once trailed. I have no earthly idea how you survived. Amen.

246. Sunshine. It's been said -- possibly by me, and others in the know -- that the Texas summer is like the New England winter. Long. Unpleasant. Marked by much time spent indoors. And, true, in New England one can always put on more clothing, while in Texas ...  However. The true gremlin of the New England winter is not really the cold but the darkness. The four o'clock sunsets. The barren gray landscapes. The wan light, glimpsed from office windows. The mass Vitamin D deficiency. At least here, while huddling inside or walking one's dog early o'morning, there's foliage and color to drink in, plus the few rays of sunshine that penetrate the spots you missed with the sunscreen.

247. Water. We live in a city that's transversed by a river, divided into three lakes. We also enjoy natural springs, some of which run refreshingly cold. Water levels are low, thanks to the drought, but the larger bodies still offer cool respite.

248. Friends. When whining about the weather, it's always pleasanter in company. Sort of a call-and-response thing, dontcha know.

249. A break in the routine. Sometimes you just need an excuse to chuck the schedule and laze around with a book or neglected project. Or take your daughters to a classic movie in a vintage theater.

In the air conditioning, of course.

250. Thoughts of November. Like contractions during childbirth, no heatwave lasts forever.

(Sorry, cheating, but I'm afraid that's the best I can do. Please chime in if you've found something to be grateful for!)



I'm so thankful for AIR CONDITIONING AT THE YMCA. I'm down on both knees right now giving thanks in the best way I know how: with a big Japanese bow. Great post, Hannah!

Julie said...

Yes, air conditioning too:)