Saturday, August 20, 2011

A River Ran Through It

(Well, not a river, exactly, but a good, hearty, rushing creek.
Our favorite creek. 
The one where we've spent hours wading, swimming, building dams, enjoying the natural water slide.
Now there's not a drop of water to be found.
Our ghost creek.
Hello, historic Texas drought.)



"Don't let this world around you squeeze you into buildings or books. Buildings are good. Books are good. There are times to be in both. But God created the heavens and the earth to be experienced, not just read about or lectured upon."

"You will grow in your understanding of God and His ways by going outside, observing, asking questions ... and then carefully searching for the answers. He will fill you with wonder and praise."

(a terrific book being read at night by the father and son in this house)
(thanks to Michelle at Delightful Learning for the recommendation!)


Heidi said...

I love the photos and collages you created. Lovely. (And the quotes...oh, I love quotes. :))

Julie said...

Beautiful! ugh with the dry river:( We get small monsoon like downpours, where the happy medium? Love the photo collage too!

Danica Newton said...

Beautiful pics! Love the quote, too. Put into words what has been in my heart, but can't articulate.

Anonymous said...

awesome pics!!! how fun! and L O V E that quote about buildings and books! :)


Bull Creek is a favorite of my family too. Sad that it's dried up. Funny, this morning I took a moment to look up at the moon and stars before getting into my car to head to work. I marveled at the sight. Later I read your post. Hmmm....