Sunday, February 24, 2008

Book/Movie Recommendations

For our most recent Family Movie Night, we picked a winner, thanks to a recommendation in Wondertime magazine (which I love, it's like the perfect niche-filler between Mothering and Family Fun). First, you must know that our kids are by way of being somewhat nuts about the story of Robinhood. They've read at least one book about it, listened to the story on CD dozens of times, watched the Disney version two or three times, you get the pic. So, we procured, from Netflix, the 1938 version, starring Errol Flynn and Olivia de Havilland. It had just the right amount of swashbuckling and swordfighting for Ian and just the right amount of everything else for Eliza (and the rest of us). And the right amount of foul language and, uh, innuendo. That is to say, zero. They don't make family movies like this anymore! A delight.

I also just finished reading James Herriot's Every Living Thing -- and I have to say, how did I miss out on Herriot for all these years? I'm not even an animal person, but I adored this book! Can't wait to go back to the beginning and start with All Creatures Great and Small.

Oh, and an unrelated weekend highlight: while Tim and Ian biked down to the Regional Science Fair, where Ian had a project on display (don't look at me -- his science teacher at co-op arranged the whole thing! Ian just had to talk about it to the judges -- oh to be a fly on the wall for that one!), and Caroline took a marathon nap, Eliza and I got to spend some lovely mother-daughter stamping time on Saturday. We made birthday cards for my dear friend Vanessa, who's turning 30 this week, and for my MIL. May I strut my stuff? I'm a novice, and I shamelessly plagiarize ideas from SplitcoastStampers, but I really like how this came out!

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Louisa said...

James Herriot is FANTASTIC. Glad you've discovered him :).