Friday, February 29, 2008

February 29th

Happy Leap Day, everyone!

I got roses, a beautiful dozen, and some dark chocolate from my sweetheart today because ... today is the anniversary of our first date! It's been twelve years since that day we sipped hot chocolate in the student union on a rainy day, but we only get to celebrate it on the Actual Day every four years. And we do this instead of Valentine's Day, because it just seems more special and personal.

Our good friend Steve, who recently stayed at our house for a few nights before he could move into his new apartment, offered to watch the kiddos so we could go out for dinner. Now that's what I call generosity. :-) There are so many fabulous places in Austin, not necessarily that expensive but still delish, to choose from ... I think we're going to try a little place called Mandolo's this time, though.

Oh, and I was going to write up this long post about our day at Friday co-op, but something happened afterward that struck me as more blogworthy (or not fit to print, depending on your taste, but you probably wouldn't be reading this blog if you belonged in the latter category): after co-op, we stopped by the library so I could pick up the Herriot books that were on hold for me and the kids could make their selection.

Mistake #1: Taking overtired two-year-old who had missed afternoon nap to the library.
Mistake #2: Thinking that after the FIRST time I took her to the bathroom and she pushed out a poop of impressive size, she was done.

If you can picture an older sister sitting on the potty while the younger one dances around shrieking that she needs to make "another poop!", the mother pleading with the older one to make shorter shrift of her business, the younger one finally getting her chance and doing her own business (clutching her mother's neck for support) while two other patrons open the door (which the mother forgot to lock) for the ONE bathroom in the library, only for the mother to find that part of the business has somehow, without her noticing, ended up on the bathroom floor, and thus on the bottom of the toddler's bright pink Ked, and thus in tracks all over the floor, resulting in the mother's needing to scrub the bathroom floor -- and the shoes! -- with paper towels and hot water, shooing her daughters out the door to stand with the desperate patrons in the hallway, and then needing to shuffle up to the library desk, mumble an apology and a recommendation for Lysol to the librarian (the librarian! with gray hair! and pursed lips!) and have to admit, in answer to said librarian's question, that the mess in question was "Number Two" ... well, you've got the picture just about right.

Once again, Happy Leap Day, everyone. May yours be markedly more fragrant.


Vanessa said...

I definitely had a more fragrant leap day than you! I am still laughing about your poopish day! Hugs to you!

Jenny said...

LOL, haven't had exactly that experience before, but ones equally humbling and...fragrant! Happy anniversary. :)

MoreThanJustaMom said...

THAT was hysterical - to read about, but not to endure, I know...

Tracee said...

oh gosh hannah. i would've been in tears!