Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Gas prices got you down?

Five Ingredients for a Free, Fuel-Efficient Mid-Morning Outing:

1. Two human-powered vehicles: a double-jogger and a scooter.

Oh, and legs.

2. A post-it note with a little scavenger hunt for motivation (something red, white and blue; something with four legs, etc.)

3. A near-by playground.

4. With a shady bench and a moment for Mama to commune with Jane Austen.(Or listen to computer game strategies -- ALMOST as pleasant. Sort of.)

5. Cat-tails to harvest -- useful for washing people's gardens and sidewalks.


Donna said...

this is awesome! I love the girl's sundresses-looks like they had FUN & you got to enjoy the cooler morning. you're so creative

Naomi said...

I was going to say the same - I love the girls' cute dresses and bonnets. Precious little things. Sounds like a fun outing to the park. :-)